139 You Will Know Once You Have Tested It Personally

    Jiang Sifei acted as though she was Wei Xufeng's older and wiser sister. "Xufeng, don't be angry. It's not worth damaging your health over such insignificant matters."

    "Yeah, that's right! Brother Feng, Sister Shuya will be sad if anything happens to you!" He Shanshan chimed in swiftly, seizing this opportunity to introduce herself. "Oh yeah, Brother Feng... I'm He Shanshan. I'm Sister Shuya's cousin!"

    Wei Xufeng's eyes darted fleetingly to Jiang Sifei and He Shanshan. He didn't respond, so it was obvious that he was in a foul mood that day.

    He Shanshan's face fell with disappointment. However, she collected herself a moment later. After all, she would be acting with Wei Xufeng very soon!

    Jiang Sifei, who was aware of Wei Xufeng's temper, was not bothered.

    She turned around and glanced at Feng Anhua. In a stern tone, she said, "Producer Feng, you have witnessed what has been going on. Right from the start, this production has been excellent, from the director to the actors. However, a disgusting piece of rat sh*t has been added to the cast. How appalling!

    That's why Xufeng is so enraged. You have to give us a good explanation regarding this matter. The novel's fans and our fans want to know too!"

    He Shanshan immediately interjected, looking aggrieved and furious. "I also auditioned for the role of Lin Pianruo. Everyone said that I acted well, but the director didn't choose me!

    That's fine, as I believe in his professionalism. I can only blame myself for my mediocre acting skills. However, the role ended up going to Lin Yan. What does that mean? Are you implying that I can't compare to Lin Yan? I graduated from a drama school and I specialized in acting!"

    Thanks to Wei Xufeng, they had given her a supporting role.

    Although there were adequate scenes involving this supporting role, it still couldn't be compared to Lin Yan's role.

    Lin Yan's character had many loyal fans, and she would be acting with Wei Xufeng.

    Many actresses wished to be able to act as a couple with Wei Xufeng.

    She had previously heard from Sister Shuya that Wei Xufeng would play a supporting role in the movie.

    As a result, she had set her eyes on the character of Lin Pianruo and aspired to climb to fame by using this character.

    Who could have anticipated that the role would end up in Lin Yan's hands? How could she take this lying down?

    He Shanshan, who had originally felt disgruntled, didn't dare voice her grievances to the famous director. Besides, Zhou Feng had been mysteriously sacked and taken down.

    However, the circumstances had changed.

    With Wei Xufeng and Jiang Sifei there to back her up, she would be able to add fuel to the fire and get Lin Yan kicked out.

    Once Lin Yan was gone, she could substitute her and play the supporting character.

    Jiang Yiming had to retort when he heard He Shanshan praise herself so unabashedly. He glanced at Wei Xufeng and said, "I judged the candidates myself and Miss He Shanshan was indeed unsuitable for the role of Lin Pianruo. If you were at the audition, I'm sure you would share the same sentiment."

    Wei Xufeng interjected before He Shanshan could speak. "Oh. So you reckon that I look satisfied now?"

    Jiang Yiming coughed softly. "You will know once you've tested Lin Yan's acting."

    Wei Xufeng snarled, "Director, you mean to tell me that this pile of sh*t isn't bad and I should try tasting it?"

    Jiang Yiming was speechless...
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