140 Give Up

    Wei Xufeng laughed once more. "I'm afraid I don't have such a unique taste. Why don't you seek someone more qualified than me?"

    His words left Feng Anhua and Jiang Yiming flustered and anxious.

    Besides the fact that Wei Xufeng's image was suitable for the role of Fang Canyang, they were also hoping that he could lend his voice for the ending song of the movie.

    If they infuriated him, their hopes would be dashed.

    So many people had racked their brains to try and get Wei Xufeng to lend his voice...

    He Shanshan gazed at Wei Xufeng as a blush crept from her neck to her cheeks.

    He was so handsome!

    Was Wei Xufeng... venting anger on her behalf?

    He had to be wishing that she was portraying Lin Pianruo instead...

    He Shanshan, who became more confident and arrogant as a result, exploded. "It's not just Brother Feng. We won't agree to it either! How can we film with such a person? She will lower our standards! According to the story, Lin Pianruo is a highly-educated and strong-headed woman. Her beauty is supposed to surpass everyone else's, except for the female lead's. Are you trying to insult us by selecting this vicious, ugly woman for the role?"

    Even though she had astonished everyone with her looks when she had first debuted, Li Yan's beauty had gone downhill afterward.

    Jiang Yiming had focused solely on the actress' aura and acting and overlooked her looks. When he heard He Shanshan, he suddenly deflated like a balloon.

    He began to doubt whether Lin Yan could indeed bring the character to life.

    Of course, nothing else was that important right now...

    Lin Yan's acting and looks aside, the most pressing issue was that if the rest of the cast were to unite and protest, a crisis would arise...

    Jiang Sifei was the female lead, whereas He Shanshan had Wei Xufeng's support. Neither of them could be provoked.

    Feng Anhua tapped Jiang Yiming's shoulders and muttered. "Director, don't hesitate anymore. Changing her is the only way out."

    Jiang Yiming's expression was ugly as he hissed, "We should at least give her a chance to try..."

    Feng Anhua watched him helplessly. "Director Jiang, even if you want to give her a chance, you still need Young Master Wei to agree. Just look at Wei Xufeng right now. He loathes her to the core. How could he possibly agree to film with her? If we were to force him right now, we would lose his voice for our song as well. A mere supporting role isn't worth such a loss!"

    He had initially planned to use Lin Yan to hype up their movie. Who would have guessed that she would offend a powerful figure like Wei Xufeng?

    He could only give up on that thought now.

    Jiang Yiming tried his luck once more as he glanced at Wei Xufeng. "Young Master Wei... So... You mean..."

    He Shanshan interrupted impatiently, looking annoyed. "Brother Feng has made his stance clear! Of course you have to change her!"

    Jiang Yiming muttered grudgingly, "We have started production. If we were to replace someone at the eleventh hour..."

    Jiang Sifei hurriedly interjected to get into Wei Xufeng's good books. "Don't we have a replacement right here? Shanshan can replace Lin Yan. I'm sure Xufeng will be pleased!"

    He Shanshan noticed that things had been going smoothly, so she didn't even need to fight for herself. Her eyes gleamed with delight as she decided to issue an ultimatum. "Director, if you insist on letting Lin Yan act as Lin Pianruo, I won't be able to accept it. I shall withdraw from this production! You may do as you like!"
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