141 Get Both of Them to Withdraw

    Jiang Sifei admired her fingernails nonchalantly. "Why don't I withdraw as well?"

    'How dare Lin Yan try to fight with her? She has a thousand ways to finish her off,' Jiang Sifei thought smugly to herself.

    Lin Yan wouldn't even have the chance to utter a word...

    At the same time, Duoduo stomped her feet in a rage.

    They were doomed!

    Award-winning actress Jiang Sifei, combined with He Shanshan and Wei Xufeng, were exerting pressure!

    Would the production crew force Lin Yan out due to this pressure?

    She had to get back to Sister Yan right away...

    Feng Anhua hastily pacified them. "Ladies, please calm down first. Don't get so worked up. There is room for discussion. We never insisted on keeping her..."

    Wei Xufeng, who was already in a foul mood, had to endure their incessant chatter. His eyebrows were closely furrowed, and he looked forbidding.

    Damn it. He just wanted her to be gone. Why did they have to be so irritating?

    She'd had the guts to embroil him in a scandal and pretend to be his girlfriend. That ugly woman had even started rumors that he was head over heels in love with her!

    She had totally humiliated him!

    Besides kicking her out of this movie, he would make sure to kick her out of the entertainment industry as well!

    'Argh! Everyone is being too noisy! Shut up!' Wei Xufeng thought to himself.

    Wei Xufeng kicked the coffee table and got ready to throw a tantrum...

    Suddenly, his eyes swept past the group and the ruckus and landed a short distance away.

    The door burst open abruptly and a girl strode out.

    She was wearing a classic black dress embedded with little black feathers. The hem of the dress was adorned with exquisite tiny black tassels. She was also wearing a lace choker around her fair neck. The stylist had curled her waist-long locks into big lazy curls.

    The girl looked aloof and quiet, and her eyes sparkled like the entire starry night. Her delicate lips resembled vivid poppies in bloom. As she walked, it seemed as though beautiful red spider lilies were blooming beneath her feet...

    Her beauty made his heart palpitate...

    Wei Xufeng felt as if an arrow had just shot through his heart. A thought filled his mind instantly...

    He would remember this girl for the next 1,000 years...

    Kevin rushed out with a brush behind the girl and bellowed, "Lin Yan, stop right there! I'm not done yet! I haven't set your makeup properly!"

    Lin Yan?

    She was... Lin Yan?

    Feng Anhua, He Shanshan and the rest, who were engaged in their own argument, didn't notice Lin Yan behind them.

    In the end, Feng Anhua waved a white flag and decided to kick Lin Yan out of the production. If he didn't, who knew what the obnoxious and overbearing Wei Xufeng would do to tear the whole production down?

    Feng Anhua strode over to Wei Xufeng and announced, "Due to Miss Jiang and Miss He's threats to pull out of the production, I had to rethink this carefully. They weren't entirely wrong. Therefore, since everyone is insisting... we shall..."

    Feng Anhua had accidentally blocked Wei Xufeng's view as he stood before him.

    Wei Xufeng shoved Feng Anhua away impatiently and blurted out, "Then get both of them to withdraw!"

    Feng Anhua replied, "Okay!"

    He realized that something was wrong instantly...

    "Err... Huh?"

    Both of them? Both Jiang Sifei and He Shanshan?

    Didn't he mean Lin Yan?
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