142 Photos Were Deceiving!

    "Young Master Wei, this..."

    Feng Anhua watched Wei Xufeng, looking puzzled. Had he misheard just now?

    Did Wei Xufeng want Lin Yan to go? Or had he meant He Shanshan and Jiang Sifei?

    Why had his command sounded so strange?

    He Shanshan and Jiang Sifei hadn't heard Wei Xufeng properly, but they didn't read too much into it. Instinctively, they assumed that he wanted Lin Yan to get lost.

    Feng Anhua decided to be cautious and ask Wei Xufeng once more. However, Wei Xufeng's attention was completely drawn to something else behind him.

    "That... That... Is that Lin Yan?"

    As Wei Xufeng gazed intently at the girl, emotions billowed in his eyes.

    Although he had never met Lin Yan in person, he had seen photos of her. How could this person be the girl he had seen in the photos?

    Photos were indeed deceiving!

    Feng Anhua, Jiang Yiming, and the rest followed Wei Xufeng's eyes and turned around to peer in the same direction.

    Everyone's eyes lit up in surprise. The girl standing there made them feel as though Lin Pianruo had come alive.

    Her astonishing beauty aside, the unique aura she possessed reminded them of a prickly rose on a frosty, snowy night. She was elegant yet aloof.

    What attracted them the most about her was that the girl was confident, arrogant and dauntless, yet she looked lonely.

    Jiang Yiming was so worked-up that tears almost gushed out of his eyes!

    Lin Pianruo! Lin Yan had brought that character to life!

    He hadn't expected that Lin Yan would look exactly like the character in makeup and costume. She had transformed perfectly into the character and changed her aura and expression.

    Jiang Yiming was overwhelmed with emotion. However, a second later, his face fell.

    As for Wei Xufeng...

    Jiang Yiming knew that he had to fight for Lin Yan again, no matter how slim the chances were.

    Jiang Yiming immediately walked over to Wei Xufeng. "Young Master Wei, Lin Yan..."

    Wei Xufeng, who had been in a daze, was finally jolted back to his senses. Ignoring Jiang Yiming, he grabbed Feng Anhua's shirt, pulled him towards him, and hissed in a menacing manner, "Don't you dare breathe a single word to her about what happened just now!"

    Jiang Yiming was confused. "Hmm... I don't quite follow. Young Master Wei, what are you talking about?"

    Feng Anhua asked, "Her?"

    Impatience was etched on Wei Xufeng's face as he spat, "Lin Yan!"

    Jiang Yiming replied, "What do you mean? What must we keep from her?"

    "I..." Wei Xufeng felt as though he was about to erupt like a volcano.

    Feng Anhua stole a glance at Lin Yan and comprehension struck him. He hastily interjected. "Oh! We understand! Young Master Wei, don't worry! We will not say a single word. Nothing happened just now! Young Master Wei bears no grudges against Miss Lin Yan. We were simply discussing the progress of the film!"

    Wei Xufeng regained a bit of his composure and looked less menacing. He adjusted his collar as he remarked, "Finally, there is a person with brains around here."

    Feng Anhua was surprised when he realized that he had gotten Wei Xufeng's intentions right. He stole a stealthy glance at Lin Yan and said shrewdly, "Young Master Wei, let me introduce you to Miss Lin Yan, who will be... acting opposite you!"

    "Hurry up then!" Wei Xufeng glared at him.

    "Yes, yes, yes... Right away!" Feng Anhua turned to lead the way.

    Wei Xufeng raised his leg but stopped a second later. Anxiety flickered in his eyes. "How do I look?"
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