143 Changing Something Rotten Into Something Magical

    The corners of Feng Anhua's mouth twitched as he gaped at Wei Xufeng in surprise. It had never occurred to him that Young Master Wei would doubt himself.

    Feng Anhua gave him a thumbs-up without hesitation. "Young Master Wei is certainly handsome! You are extraordinarily good-looking... Everything will be fine!"

    Wei Xufeng shut his eyes and inhaled deeply. "Do you know what to say later?"

    Feng Anhua stammered, "Yeah... Of course I do... I certainly will... Don't worry..."

    Feng Anhua led the way as he strode with Wei Xufeng towards Lin Yan.

    Wei Xufeng's breathing seemed rushed and constricted with every step he took.

    How could it be... They looked so much alike...

    Could it be her?

    Lin Yan was forcibly grabbed by Kevin, who wanted to finish her makeup. She glanced at Duoduo, who stood beside her. "Oh yeah, Duoduo, what were you trying to say?"

    Duoduo had wanted to barge into the room earlier on. She hadn't expected that Lin Yan would come out first or that she would have totally transformed into another person.

    She had left the room while Lin Yan had been in the midst of getting her makeup applied. She hadn't expected her to look so fabulous and breathtakingly beautiful!

    Duoduo stared at Lin Yan in a daze and forgot what she'd wanted to say.

    Then, she managed to snap out of her daze and rattled on hastily. "Sister Yan, chaos is ensuing outside! Wei Xufeng demanded an explanation from the production crew the moment he stepped in. Jiang Sifei and He Shanshan have Wei Xufeng's support and are threatening to leave together if the crew doesn't kick you out.

    Director Jiang wanted to defend you, but Wei Xufeng is too influential and overbearing. Feng Anhua is an opportunist who follows the direction of the wind. To pacify Wei Xufeng, he will definitely sacrifice you. I think we are really doomed..."

    Duoduo was still rambling when Producer Feng scuttled towards them with eager strides. He had a bright grin on his face as he widened his eyes dramatically at the sight of Lin Yan. "Wow, Lin Yan, you are absolutely dazzling! You are perfect for the role of Lin Pianruo! We are really fortunate to have such a brilliant actress join our cast. We are so lucky!"

    "Huh?" Lin Yan was shocked by Feng Anhua's sudden praise. "Producer Feng, you flatter me. The stylist was amazing, though. He changed something rotten into something magical..."

    Feng Anhua's mouth jerked a little. Rotten? Why would anyone describe themselves as rotten?

    "Cough..." Wei Xufeng's eyes were busily scanning the girl from head to toe. He coughed softly as he got impatient.

    Feng Anhua grabbed Lin Yan's wrist and pulled her forward. "Come here! Lin Yan, let me introduce your co-star to you..."

    At that very moment, all traces of arrogance, obnoxiousness, and unruliness vanished completely from Wei Xufeng.

    The young man stood before her in a proper manner, his light brown eyes sparkling as he watched her. Even that head of vivid red hair seemed to turn obedient instantly as he greeted her politely. "Hi, I'm Wei Xufeng."

    He was... Wei Xufeng?

    Hadn't Duoduo described Wei Xufeng as a bad-tempered, overbearing young master?

    Why did she feel like something was wrong with his attitude?

    Although Lin Yan was startled, she managed to reply, "Hi, I'm Lin Yan."

    "Lin Yan... Lin Yan... Lin Yan..." Wei Xufeng mumbled under his breath while he pressed his lips, looking bashful. His face broke into a tiny smile before he said, "You must be older than me, so I should address you as Sister Yan."
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