144 Ahhh, He Is a Man

    Sister Yan...

    Lin Yan was speechless!

    Duoduo was speechless as well...

    Duoduo stood frozen to the spot as she stared blankly at them.

    What... What was going on?

    Why was Wei Xufeng acting as though he was a different person?

    It felt as though he had transformed from a wild, untamed dog into an obedient, adorable one.

    If Wei Xufeng had sprouted a tail, it would have been wagging furiously right now!

    Duoduo swallowed her saliva, looking confused. "This... What is happening..."

    Kevin surveyed Wei Xufeng as he raised his eyebrows. He scoffed aloud before he remarked, "What could be happening? Ahhh... He is a man..."

    Duoduo was speechless.

    Jiang Sifei and He Shanshan looked even more dumbfounded.

    On the day of the photoshoot, Jiang Sifei had deliberately dawdled so that Lin Yan wouldn't be able to have her turn. Hence, today was the first time Lin Yan had tried her character's costume.

    Jiang Sifei had never imagined that Lin Yan's new image would look so good!

    She hated to admit it, but when she first caught a glimpse of Lin Yan, she almost went berserk from jealousy.

    Jiang Sifei, who always felt inferior due to her looks, felt like Lin Yan was a dagger that had been stabbed right through her heart...

    However, it didn't matter how pretty Lin Yan may be. It was already too late!

    Jiang Sifei watched as the producer and Wei Xufeng strode towards Lin Yan and tottered after them. He Shanshan scrambled to follow them to avoid missing the excitement.

    Jiang Sifei said in a lofty tone, "Producer Feng, it's time to kick Lin Yan out of this production!"

    He Shanshan cut across eagerly. "Yeah! Producer Feng, even Brother Feng has agreed to it. How could you keep a person who is such a nuisance to him?"

    Wei Xufeng's face, which had originally been cheerful and enthusiastic, darkened the moment the two of them walked over. Due to Lin Yan's presence, he suppressed this feeling and stole a glance at Feng Anhua.

    His murderous glance almost caused Feng Anhua's soul to shatter to pieces.

    Feng Anhua pulled Jiang Sifei and He Shanshan forcibly to a corner.

    "Producer Feng, what are you trying to do by pulling us here? When is that woman leaving?" He Shanshan interrogated him sharply, looking completely impatient.

    He Shanshan had assumed that Wei Xufeng had spoken to Feng Anhua and Jiang Yiming in private about kicking Lin Yan off the cast, but they were still hesitant.

    "Leaving?" Feng Anhua sneered coldly. "Who said that Lin Yan is leaving? Mind your own business and don't stick your nose in matters that don't concern you."

    "You... Producer Feng! Do you know who you're talking to right now?" He Shanshan was enraged by his attitude.

    Jiang Sifei furrowed her eyebrows as well. "Producer Feng, think this through carefully. Is Lin Yan worth it?"

    Feng Anhua, who had the approval and support of his backer, wasn't concerned about either of them. He scoffed aloud as he glanced at them. "Miss Jiang, I don't think you should be threatening me. It would be rather easy for me to find a replacement for your role. If you really want to give up on this role, be my guest!"

    Feng Anhua's eyes darted to He Shanshan. "That certainly applies to Miss He Shanshan as well."

    Feng Anhua turned around and sauntered away, leaving Jiang Sifei and He Shanshan standing there completely dumbfounded.
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