145 I Dont Think There Will Be a Problem

    How could Jiang Sifei and He Shanshan take this lying down?

    He Shanshan instantly decided to complain to Wei Xufeng. However, Feng Anhua appeared to have read their minds, as he yelled across the room, "We are going to start filming! Everyone except for the staff must leave!"

    He instructed the crew to clear the set.

    Jiang Sifei bit her lip and sneered coldly. "Producer Feng, if you insist on having it your way, don't blame me! Let's go!"

    He Shanshan stomped her feet and left in a huff as well.

    After they left, a confused Jiang Yiming came over. "Old Feng, what is going on?"

    Feng Anhua beamed from ear to ear. "What do you mean?"

    "You allowed Jiang Sifei to leave just like that? Will anything happen to us? What about Wei Xufeng? Why did his attitude change so abruptly?" Jiang Yiming was bursting with questions. "Did he realize that Lin Yan looked good with the new image and agree to stay?"

    "Not only that..." Feng Anhua patted Jiang Yiming's shoulders. "Old Jiang, you still don't understand even though it is so obvious? Forget it... Just focus on filming instead. Let's just say that Wei Xufeng has changed his mind and decided not to throw a tantrum anymore. Leave the rest to me!"

    "Oh yeah! What is the content of the first scene today?" asked Feng Anhua.

    Jiang Yiming looked distraught at the thought of it. "Fang Canyang and Lin Pianruo are supposed to have a close relationship with good rapport. However, based on the current situation, I'm afraid that's nearly impossible! During the first scene today, Lin Pianruo is supposed to be coming home late and Fang Canyang throws a tantrum out of jealousy... How is Wei Xufeng going to portray the correct emotions?"

    Feng Anhua glanced at Wei Xufeng, who was trying to act docile in front of Lin Yan. He chortled softly and said, "I don't think there will be a problem..."

    Deep down, Feng Anhua was caught by surprise by this turn of events.

    After all, it was rumored that Wei Xufeng had been wooing Lin Shuya. Why would he fall for Lin Yan suddenly?

    However, Lin Yan's appearance earlier had taken everyone's breath away indeed. It was no wonder that Young Master Wei would fall in love with her at first sight...

    Even if Wei Xufeng were to fall for Lin Yan, he could get still any woman he wanted. He couldn't fathom why he looked so nervous.

    He had never imagined that Wei Xufeng's attitude would change so drastically...

    Could he have been too engrossed in the role of Fang Canyang even before filming had commenced?


    "Sister Yan, I've been looking forward to working with you! What about you?"

    Wei Xufeng greeted her and spoke to her very politely and naturally. His eyes were twinkling as he spoke.

    What shocked her the most was that he was looking forward to working with her.

    Lin Yan already looked doubtful.

    Had Duoduo misheard, or was Wei Xufeng out of his mind?

    Why was Wei Xufeng acting so differently than described?

    Unconsciously, Lin Yan glanced at Duoduo and shot her a baffled look.

    Duoduo replied with an even more baffled expression...

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Alright then. In that case, Wei Xufeng was probably out of his mind...

    Just yesterday, he had lambasted her on Weibo. Why would he act so different today?

    Lin Yan wanted to say that she hadn't been looking forward to working with him at all. She hadn't been looking forward to working with any of the actors who were rumored to be her boyfriends... Furthermore, they would be acting like a couple...
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