146 Wasnt His Pride Hurt?

    Lin Yan had already decided to stay a good distance away from the people on her Death List.

    However, it had never occurred to her that Wei Xufeng wouldn't act like she had expected of him...

    Fortunately, a staff member walked over. "Young Master Wei, can we begin styling you now? We have prepared a designated makeup room and even hired a renowned stylist for you!"

    Wei Xufeng furrowed his brows slightly. "Designated makeup room?"

    "Yes, yes. Please rest assured, everything is ready. No one will be able to disturb you!" The staff member nodded as he spoke.

    Wei Xufeng replied, "It's fine. I'll just do it here."

    "Huh? Here?" The staff member stared at him stupidly.

    Wei Xufeng replied once more, "Yes. And don't get another stylist for me. I will just use Sister Yan's stylist."

    The staff member had a blank expression on his face. He didn't know how to react.

    Everyone knew about Young Master Wei Xufeng's nasty temper and demanding requests. Hence, they had already cleaned the makeup room to make sure it was spick and span. They had also gone to the trouble of paying for a famous stylist. Who would have expected that he would reject his own designated makeup room and want an ordinary stylist?

    Wei Xufeng's eyes gleamed dangerously. "What? Is there a problem?"

    The staff member was at a loss for words when Feng Anhua whizzed towards them. "Of course not! No problem at all! There's certainly no problem!"

    He turned and instructed the staff member, "Just do as you're told. Can't you handle this simple matter?"

    "Hmm... Okay, okay. I'll get to it now!" The staff member vanished in a flash.

    In the end, Wei Xufeng sat next to Lin Yan and Kevin began doing his makeup.

    Kevin knew all about Wei Xufeng's notorious temper. Hence, when he was informed that he would do his makeup, he had become exceedingly alert and cautious.

    Before doing the makeup, he asked cautiously, "Young Master Wei, do you have any requests regarding your makeup and style?"

    Wei Xufeng's eyes darted to the girl next to him before he muttered under his breath, "Is there a style that will charm the lady beside me?"

    Kevin was speechless...

    He really wanted to know how Wei Xufeng could completely change attitude towards Lin Yan without a care in the world and make such an honest confession.

    Wasn't his pride... hurt?

    The corners of Kevin's mouth jerked. "Young Master Wei, based on my knowledge, you updated your Weibo yesterday night... Can I help you recollect? You said that, unless you were blind, you would never fall for Lin Yan."

    Wei Xufeng's brows arched up as he replied nonchalantly, "So what? Can't I go blind?"

    Kevin replied, "Sure..."

    While Wei Xufeng was doing his makeup, Duoduo muttered to Lin Yan beside her, "This can't be right. Something is amiss. I've met Wei Xufeng before on other productions and he was the most demanding celebrity I'd ever seen. His coffee had to be at a certain temperature, and his meals had to be from a specific private fine-dining restaurant. He had other absurd and fussy requests as well. How could he be so amicable and nice all of a sudden?"

    Lin Yan had no idea which version of Wei Xufeng was the right one. Anyway, she didn't really care.

    She took advantage of this free time to rummage for her phone. She instantly delved into the world of games.

    She had just accepted a job that would pay her to practice and spar with a client in an online game. She also had to make sure that she helped improve her client's level within a certain period of time. If she broke the contract, she would have to pay a penalty and her salary would be forfeited.
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