147 Something Was Wrong With the Scrip

    Time was running short. If she couldn't get her customer's level up... she would have to pay a penalty...

    Her makeup had taken way too long!

    Lin Yan had just started playing her game, when assistant director Wu Wenhai walked in. His face fell when he saw Lin Yan using her phone. "Hey, Lin Yan, what's wrong with you? Shouldn't you be getting ready for filming? Why are you still playing games?"

    Wei Xufeng was in the midst of having his makeup done, so his fringe had been clipped up. His attention was on Lin Yan as he raised his head, looking annoyed. "Sister Yan likes to play games. Just let her be. Why are you making a ruckus? Don't you know that people hate being interrupted when they are playing games?"

    He turned to Lin Yan and gazed at her affectionately. "Sister Yan, which game are you playing? Can I play with you?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Duoduo was speechless...

    Something was wrong with him and the script.

    Shouldn't Lin Yan be the one pestering Wei Xufeng in order to create more rumors on the production set?

    Why was it the other way around?

    Besides Duoduo, even the production crew felt that something was amiss.

    Everyone had expected Wei Xufeng to fly into a terrible rage today and cause Lin Yan to get kicked out. Who knew that he would be so gentle and polite to her instead?

    Nah, he wasn't merely gentle and polite. Wei Xufeng was practically as docile as a little bunny while Lin Yan was around...

    Assistant director Wu Wenhai was bewildered too. "Huh?"

    Wei Xufeng hissed menacingly. "Didn't you understand what I said?"

    Wu Wenhai trembled in fright and nodded hurriedly at Lin Yan. "Err... Alright... Okay... Lin Yan... Continue playing... Please continue..."

    After being scolded for no apparent reason, a flustered-looking Wu Wenhai scurried off, looking for Feng Anhua. "Old Feng, what's happening?"

    Didn't Wei Xufeng intend to kick Lin Yan out of this production? Why was he acting like a changed man then?

    Producer Feng certainly had no intention of betraying Wei Xufeng. However, he still instructed Wei Xufeng solemnly, "Don't ask so many questions. Just know that you can't offend Lin Yan!"

    Wu Wenhai was bewildered...

    Wei Xufeng was soon done with his makeup. He just needed to change into his outfit.

    After some time, Wei Xufeng got changed and strode out.

    He had replaced his studded jacket with a clean and crisp white t-shirt, paired with blue jeans and a pair of white track shoes.

    He had removed his ear stud and necklace, and even his favorite red hair had been dyed black by Kevin. His hair looked smooth and soft, and he looked prim and proper. He had removed the thick layer of makeup he'd had before and merely put on some foundation, while the ends of his eyebrows had been faintly drawn. He looked clean and fresh.

    Wei Xufeng had exquisite features that were close to perfection. Hence, when he removed his makeup, he really looked like a university freshman. His smile could literally make any girl melt.

    All the staff couldn't help but gasp and shriek.

    "Ahhh! Oh, my god! Isn't Wei Xufeng's image as a young and cool boyfriend illegal? Who could resist him?"

    "He will set all the ladies' hearts on fire!"


    Even Director Jiang Yiming was pleased. "Excellent! This image is perfect!"

    Who would have expected that Wei Xufeng would be willing to dye his hair black?

    Wei Xufeng had already declared that his hair was out of bounds. During the previous photoshoot, he had used his original hairstyle. Thus, no one had expected him to straighten his hair and dye it black.
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