148 Pretend That She Is His Goddess

    After Wei Xufeng was done, he immediately bolted over to Lin Yan. "Sister Yan, do I look good?"

    What the... Why was he here again?

    "No... Don't come near me! Stay right there and talk!" The moment Lin Yan saw Wei Xufeng rushing towards her, she leaped to her feet and retreated hastily. She then spoke to him in a stern manner.

    She would allow no one to write any scandals about her!

    When he noticed how wary and hostile Lin Yan was, Wei Xufeng's sparkling eyes dimmed instantly. He looked like a heartbroken puppy who had been abandoned by its owner and had stopped wagging its tail.

    The production crew caught each other's eyes. Everyone had been rendered speechless and confused.

    Feng Anhua darted forward and told Lin Yan, "Lin Yan, we are going to film soon. You should talk to Young Master Wei so that you can get to know him. You don't have to be so distant."

    Wei Xufeng's ears seemed to stand up straight at his words.

    Lin Yan immediately objected. "No, it's fine! It's easy for me to get immersed in my role. I promise there won't be a problem."

    Wei Xufeng was speechless...

    Feng Anhua replied, "But Young Master Wei might have a problem..."

    Lin Yan replied, "How could that be? Young Master Wei possesses excellent acting skills! He won't face any difficulties!"

    Feng Anhua was stumped for words. He couldn't possibly disagree and say that Wei Xufeng's acting was horrible, could he?

    This was baffling. Why wasn't Lin Yan acting accordingly?

    Wasn't she supposed to cling onto Wei Xufeng?

    Why was she trying so hard to avoid him instead?

    Jiang Yiming suggested, "Why don't we start filming now? We might not have enough time if there is a delay..."

    Feng Anhua pondered briefly and agreed to start right away. This way, Lin Yan wouldn't be able to avoid Wei Xufeng.

    "Young Master Wei, why don't we start filming right away? This is your scene with Miss Lin after all," said Feng Anhua carefully.

    A pitiful-looking Wei Xufeng shot a timid glance at Lin Yan. "I'm fine with it. I will go along with Sister Yan."

    Lin Yan was speechless!

    The corners of Feng Anhua's mouth jerked, but he sought Lin Yan's approval instead. "Miss Lin?"

    "Sure, sure! I can start filming at any time!' Lin Yan nodded hurriedly.

    The faster she finished filming, the safer she would be.

    Jiang Yiming walked towards them and briefed them. "Xufeng, Lin Pianruo is the woman you love dearly in the movie. You have to project all your emotions and passion for her.

    Hence, when you're looking at her, your eyes must contain love and passion. When she ignores you, you have to act as though you are hurt, aggrieved and furious... You need to visualize her as your goddess..."

    Jiang Yiming coughed softly and softened his tone for fear of incurring Wei Xufeng's wrath. "I know it will be hard for you, but I hope you can try."

    Wu Wenhai interjected. "I remember that there is an actress Young Master Wei likes very much. You even posted something about her on Weibo..."

    It was no secret among his fans that Wei Xufeng had idolized a goddess.

    "She is not an actress," Wei Xufeng corrected him solemnly.

    Wu Wenhai scratched his head quickly and replied, "Oh, I remember now. She is a terrific car racer who has never shown her face. She is very famous overseas, but I know that you have hardly missed any of her competitions.

    If you could pretend that Lin Yan is that female racer, there shouldn't be any problems during filming."
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