149 An Unfeeling Machine Who Is Focused on Money

    All of Wei Xufeng's fans knew that there was a goddess he idolized very much. However, considering that she was a racer and wasn't a part of the entertainment industry, his fans weren't too bothered.

    In fact, they felt that Wei Xufeng had a unique appreciation for aesthetics and the way he idolized his goddess was adorable. Some fans even mimicked Wei Xufeng and began to support the female racer.

    Wei Xufeng watched Lin Yan absent-mindedly and mumbled to himself, "I don't have to pretend..."

    She certainly was.

    Unconsciously, Lin Yan glanced at Wei Xufeng.

    Wei Xufeng had an idol? He actually liked someone with the same profession as her? A racer?

    Could it be someone she knew?

    Jiang Yiming assumed that Wei Xufeng had understood and turned to Lin Yan. "Lin Yan, you should be familiar with the role of Lin Pianruo by now. She is focused on her career and doesn't believe in love, neither does she need it.

    To her, Fang Canyang is merely a man she treats as a companion during her free time.

    She doesn't love Fang Canyang and has no interest in him. You have to control your emotions well later. On the surface, you may seem to like him, but you don't feel anything for him. Do you understand?"

    Wei Xufeng's face darkened as Jiang Yiming expounded. "What kind of trashy script is this?"

    Feng Anhua pacified him quickly. "Young Master Wei, this script has been adapted from the novel!"

    Lin Yan gave a nod of her head when she heard Jiang Yiming. "Okay, got it! Lin Pianruo is an unfeeling machine who is focused on money. She feels no love for Fang Canyang. He is merely a tool to satisfy her needs!"

    Jiang Yiming mulled this over and replied apprehensively, "Hmm... Sort of..."

    Lin Yan's words might have been crude, but she had described their relationship rather succinctly...

    Wei Xufeng thought to himself, 'I want to change the script!'

    Duoduo muttered under her breath as she stood aside. "Isn't this too difficult? How could anyone treat Wei Xufeng as a tool and not fall in love with him? Who could possibly do that?"

    Apparently, the whole crew shared the same sentiment as Duoduo.

    "F*ck! Will Lin Yan try to take advantage of Wei Xufeng during filming later?"

    "Why does it look as though Lin Yan is trying to avoid Wei Xufeng?"

    "She must be up to something! She's probably playing a cat-and-mouse game to lure him in!"

    "That doesn't explain the change in Prince Wei's behavior. Why does it feel as though they have exchanged roles?"

    The rest of the crew fell silent as they heard these conversations. Everyone was perplexed.

    Jiang Yiming clapped his hands and announced, "Alright! Get back to work. We are going to film the first scene!"

    In no time, the entire crew was ready and positioned at their respective posts.

    A staff member with a clapboard shouted, "Scene 37. Three, two, one, action!"

    Lin Yan shut her eyes and inhaled deeply. As the staff yelled, all traces of her original nonchalance and carelessness were replaced by aloofness.

    She held a document in her hand, and a blazer hung on her arm. She was on the phone as she strode briskly into her house.

    As she spoke, she changed into her bedroom slippers and entered the living room.

    The cameras zoomed in and turned to the couch in the living room.

    Fang Canyang, who had been waiting up for Lin Pianruo, had fallen asleep on the couch.

    He was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, and his silky black hair was slightly messy. He hugged a cushion as he opened his eyes groggily. When he heard the noise, he sat up.

    The sleepy-eyed young man looked adorable and obedient when he woke up.
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