150 I Like You

    Wei Xufeng gazed at Lin Pianruo as she walked in and placed her blazer on the clothes stand. His eyes trailed after her as she rushed into the study to look for some documents. Then, she went to her bedroom, acting as though she was searching for something...

    Right from the beginning, his gaze lingered after her like a small puppy's eyes.

    Finally, when she was done, she ended the call. She walked to the windows and lit up a cigarette before she picked up her iPad to read some reports.

    She had never so much as taken a glance at him.

    Fang Canyang went from looking absorbed to looking sorrowful and furious in the end.

    Jiang Yiming couldn't help but stop them. He glanced at Lin Yan and said tactfully, "Stop, stop! Lin Yan, you did well... However, your attitude was a little overboard towards Wei Xufeng. Not only were you not in love with him, but you treated him as if he was non-existent! Even though you may not love Fang Canyang, you do like him!"

    Wei Xufeng was speechless...

    Jiang Yiming's every word stabbed Wei Xufeng's heart.

    Lin Yan replied, "Oh... Sorry, let me do it again!"

    She had tried avoiding Wei Xufeng at all costs. As a result, she hadn't fully immersed herself in the role.

    However, she could pick things up quickly, so she immediately thought of a way. She had decided to pretend that Wei Xufeng was a little cat.

    To Lin Pianruo, Wei Xufeng's existence resembled a cat who wanted her to cuddle him.

    Filming soon resumed...

    Fang Canyang looked glum as he asked her, "Where did you go? Why did you come home so late?"

    Lin Pianruo didn't even raise her head as she answered, "I had a company dinner."

    Fang Canyang clenched his fists. "Dinner? Then why do you smell like cologne? Where did you get this smell?"

    "Do you have the nose of a dog?" Lin Pianruo chuckled softly before she replied honestly, "I had a chat with Chen Jing."

    Fang Canyang exploded in an instant. "Chen Jing? Chen Jing again? Why did you have to be so close to him if it was just a chat? Do you like him?"

    Lin Pianruo quipped, "I like you."

    Lin Pianruo gazed at the young man as though he was a cat who had just messed up his owner's ball of yarn. She looked helpless, yet her eyes contained affection.

    Jiang Yiming felt touched and overwhelmed. This was right!

    "You..." Wei Xufeng fell into a reverie thanks to the girl's affectionate gaze. His cheeks and ears slowly turned crimson.

    This scene didn't feel like acting at all. It was too natural!

    "Cut! Excellent!" Jiang Yiming yelled in delight.

    Although this scene had only taken two takes, both Wei Xufeng and Lin Yan's performance had been on point. Their smooth progress almost made him tear up.

    When the director commanded them to stop, Lin Yan suppressed all her emotions and became indifferent again.

    The crew members were quite used to filming for a long time, so they couldn't snap back to reality now that the scene had ended so abruptly.

    "What... It ended just like this?"

    "I didn't know that Lin Yan's acting was quite good!"

    "It was indeed surprising... Not only is she a good fit for the role, but her acting is also..."


    "Director, is it done?" Lin Yan walked over to Jiang Yiming.

    Jiang Yiming was delighted. "Yes, of course! The two of you had great chemistry!"

    Wei Xufeng approached them as well and glanced at the monitor. "Really? I thought that it wasn't good! Let's try it a few more times!"

    Lin Yan frowned. "Which part wasn't good? Everything was good!"

    Wei Xufeng changed his mind instantly. "Oh, I think it was quite good too."

    Jiang Yiming was speechless...

    Lin Yan was speechless...
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