151 She Is a Real Actress

    Lin Yan was seriously contemplating the possibility that Wei Xufeng was schizophrenic...

    After the filming was over, Lin Yan went back to the makeup room to remove her makeup.

    "Oh my god. It took me such a long time, and now I need to remove my makeup... Why is it so troublesome to be a woman?"

    Lin Yan had just collapsed on the chair when she heard footsteps behind her.

    Wei Xufeng was there again.

    Ever since she had been done with her imaging, Wei Xufeng had never left her sight. It was as though he was afraid that she would run off.

    Lin Yan stood up and retreated until they were at least ten steps apart. "Mr. Wei, what is the matter?"

    Wei Xufeng, who seemed to have recollected himself, gazed at her calmly. "Sister Yan, you can call me Xiaofeng."

    Lin Yan furrowed her brows and decided to cut to the chase. "Mr. Wei, I'm going to say this bluntly. You should know that I have a past record and people have spread rumors about us. Yesterday night, you also responded. I think that, as a normal person, you should stay away from me, no matter what. I..."

    Wei Xufeng straightened his back and head before interjecting. "I'm not normal..."

    Lin Yan exclaimed, "Huh?"

    Wei Xufeng mumbled, "I'm blind..."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Wei Xufeng took a deep breath and gazed at her longingly. "Sister Yan, you... you don't remember me anymore?"

    Lin Yan looked surprised. "What do you mean?"

    Why did he sound as though they had known each other in the past?

    Before today, she had never met Wei Xufeng before...

    Wei Xufeng, who saw that Lin Yan looked completely clueless, got anxious. "Three years ago, in the capital of Country M, a charity gala dinner was organized by the international car racing federation. The organizers invited famous racers to donate their belongings for an auction that would raise funds for children..."

    Lin Yan entered a reverie as he spoke.

    She vaguely remembered that she had attended this charity dinner. She had brought with her a necklace with significant value to her. It had been a tiny bronze medal with the date of her first official competition engraved on it.

    That evening, the necklace had been auctioned off at the highest price among the rest of the items. Hence, it had left a deeper impression on her.

    Why would Wei Xufeng suddenly mention this? Had he been present that day?

    Wei Xufeng watched Lin Yan for a long time. His eyes turned red when he was certain that she didn't remember him. "Sister Yan, you took out your bronze medal, which was engraved with the date of your first official competition. I bid for it..."

    Lin Yan's eyes gradually widened in surprise, and Wei Xufeng pulled at his collar and put his hand underneath his shirt. He took out a necklace with a tiny bronze medal carefully.

    He held the necklace gingerly with both hands and spoke as he gazed at her.

    "You really... really don't remember me at all? Yeva..."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    The second Lin Yan heard the name 'Yeva', she froze and stared blankly at Wei Xufeng's necklace.

    Damn it!

    No matter how hard she tried to rack her brains, she could never have imagined...

    Wei Xufeng... was... her fan? This was incredible!

    How could she possibly have fans? How fascinating!

    Of course, that wasn't the most important thing about this. Wasn't this too much of a coincidence?
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