152 The Atmosphere Was Weird

    Wei Xufeng slipped his necklace back underneath his shirt. Suddenly, he began to remove his shirt without a word...

    Lin Yan was frightened out of her wits by his actions!


    What was going on?

    Why was he suddenly... removing his clothes? They had just been talking a minute ago!

    As an upright car racer, she would never do anything despicable to a fan!

    If someone were to catch sight of them right now, there was no way she would be able to clear her name!

    Lin Yan's first reaction was to dart behind Wei Xufeng in the blink of an eye and bolt the door.

    When she bolted the door, Lin Yan realized... Would it seem weirder if she locked the door?

    A weird, dead silence filled the makeup room.

    Lin Yan shuffled her feet and turned around stiffly. She suddenly saw Wei Xufeng standing half-naked there.

    The scene was indecent.

    What... What the hell was happening?

    Lin Yan, who already felt mentally drained, pressed her palm to her forehead. "What... Wei Xufeng... Calm down first... Listen to me..."

    Wei Xufeng's eyes seemed to bore a hole right through her as he marched towards her. He pointed to his waist and said, "Do you remember this signature?"

    Lin Yan's eyes trailed to his waist, where his finger was pointing.

    There was a name tattooed there- Yeva.

    "I didn't have any paper with me, so I asked you to sign on my body. I couldn't bear to wash it off so I tattooed your signature on my body. That way, it would always be there," Wei Xufeng said slowly.

    Lin Yan surveyed the ardent fan who stood before her. She would be lying if she said she wasn't touched.

    When she had been a racer overseas, she had focused solely on her competitions. She had never paid attention to the news or the media. Charity events were the only events she had been willing to attend.

    That was the first time she had discovered that she had a fan who idolized and supported her so much.


    How would she be able to face her fan when she was in such a bad state?

    Lin Yan rearranged her emotions and glanced at him. "Sorry, Wei Xufeng. I think you got the wrong person. I'm not the person you mentioned."

    "You're not?" Wei Xufeng looked dismayed.

    "You've seen Yeva. Are you certain that she looks exactly like me?" Lin Yan asked him placidly.

    She had finally remembered everything and recalled that she had worn her usual mask and cap during that event. Thus, she had never revealed her face to Wei Xufeng.

    Wei Xufeng pressed his lips and shook his head. "She rarely shows her face. Other than her fellow racers, no one has ever seen her face. When I met her, she was wearing a mask and a cap. But... Your eyes..."

    He raised his head and his eyes met hers. "Your eyes are exactly like hers. I'm certain I got it right this time!"


    Why did Wei Xufeng sound as if he had been mistaken before?

    Lin Yan studied him, looking composed. "Since you have never seen her, how could you be so sure that I'm her just by looking at my eyes? Furthermore, my past and information are known by everyone. Think carefully again and you will realize that I can't possibly be that person."

    "Impossible... Then why were you so shocked when I mentioned the name Yeva earlier?" asked Wei Xufeng shrewdly.
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