153 Abrupt Change of Attitude Without Warning

    Lin Yan coughed gently. "That's because... I've heard of her name before. This female car racer's scandal has spread across the entire racing arena. Besides, wasn't she banned from competing?"

    When Wei Xufeng heard Lin Yan's remarks, he flew into a rage. His eyes, which had sparkled lovingly at first, turned to frost. "Shut up! What do you know? How dare you criticize her this way? What kind of b*ll** scandal was that? Damn those banned drugs! Did they witness it for themselves?

    She practically sacrificed her life to compete and she flew all year round. She participated in a total of 168 competitions and dominated all the competitions she participated in, including 37 major international competitions. She was crowned champion 30 times, was the first runner-up five times, and placed third twice... She has climbed her way up to the pinnacle and become a world-class racer. Why would she need banned drugs given her talent and capability?

    A racer needs to be clear-headed and maintain their composure during the entire race. If she took any drugs, they would cause her to get overly excited, thus leading to an accident. How could she possibly have taken drugs then? Only incapable amateurs would do that!

    Yeva might be a girl, but her stamina, energy level, skills, and experience could crush everyone else's! F*ck! Are the people who created those rumors brainless?"

    The more Wei Xufeng spoke, the more worked-up he got. His eyes blazed red by now.

    Indescribable emotions were coursing through Lin Yan as she listened to Wei Xufeng's defense.

    She had made too many enemies. Hence, when the scandal had broken out, almost everyone had been against her...

    She hadn't thought that she would hear this from Wei Xufeng.

    "Sorry," Lin Yan replied.

    Wei Xufeng took a deep breath and calmed down a little. He crouched down and buried his head in his hands before he leaned against the couch silently.

    Lin Yan scratched her head and picked up his shirt. "Put on your shirt first."

    Wei Xufeng raised his head and glared at her fiercely. "If you're not her, why did you pretend to be? Did you do this deliberately? Are you lusting after my body?"

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched. This young master could change his attitude without a warning.

    Lin Yan replied, "You were the one who thought I was Yeva. Then, you took off your shirt..."

    "Shut up! You're not fit to say her name!" Wei Xufeng eyed her sharply and spat out, "Why are your eyes so similar to hers? How could the expression in your eyes be the same as hers? Who allowed you to do this?"

    His expression was defiantly objecting to her having the same eyes and expressing that she wasn't worthy. He looked as though he wanted to dig out her eyeballs.

    Lin Yan sighed helplessly. This young master was truly unreasonable.

    She was about to speak when Wei Xufeng buried his head in his hands once more.

    Some time later, the young man's solemn, deep voice was heard. "Ever since that competition, she has disappeared without a trace. Someone said that she returned to this country. I've tried searching for her whereabouts, but I didn't manage to find her. Where did she go? Would she do something silly?"

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth jerked. "She is already an adult. What can possibly happen to her? If she can't be a racer anymore, she must have done something else! In that case... Perhaps I am Yeva after all?"

    Wei Xufeng spun his head and glared at her. "Shut up! Don't you dare insult my goddess! If you're her, I will jump out of this window!"

    Lin Yan replied, "Oh..."
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