154 As Long As Everyone Was Happy

    A surly-looking Wei Xufeng snatched his clothes back from Lin Yan and put them on. He then resumed his original air of cockiness.

    She heaved a sigh of relief.

    He was finally back to normal.

    Lin Yan removed her makeup and went to change into her own clothes.

    When she came out, she saw Wei Xufeng sitting on the couch with a vacant expression on his face. It seemed as though he had suffered quite a severe blow.

    Lin Yan bowed her head and sighed softly to herself. This was for the best. If he knew that the goddess he had idolized and supported had been reduced to such a state, he might have been in for a bigger shock.

    "Young Master Wei, if there is nothing else, I'm going!" Lin Yan picked up her bag and phone.

    Wei Xufeng didn't respond. He just continued to wallow in gloom and misery.

    Lin Yan pursed her lips and pushed the door open.

    Duoduo had called to arrange for a car. When she saw Lin Yan, they walked out together.

    "Sister Yan..." Duoduo seemed hesitant.

    Lin Yan asked, "What?"

    Duoduo coughed to clear her throat, looking worried. "You were inside with Wei Xufeng for such a long time. Did you do anything to him?"

    "Why aren't you concerned about your own artist instead? Shouldn't you ask what he has done to me instead?" Lin Yan snapped bluntly.

    He had merely wanted to show her his tattoo. Why did he have to remove his shirt? He had frightened her!

    Duoduo replied, "Oh..."

    Before today, Duoduo would have retorted right away.

    However, after an incredible day of surprises, she couldn't be entirely sure...

    Lin Yan walked to the entrance and spotted Jiang Sifei and He Shanshan from afar. They were surrounded by a mass of reporters.

    He Shanshan seemed furious as she announced loudly, "That's right! I was supposed to portray Lin Pianruo, but Lin Yan snatched the role from me! Today, she's filming a scene with Brother Feng. However, it's just an excuse for her to pester him! We couldn't stop her, so we have to watch helplessly as she bullies Brother Feng!"

    The reporters erupted in anger when they heard He Shanshan.

    "Oh my god! Why is that woman so shameless?"

    "How will the rest of the actors dare to enter this production?"

    Jiang Sifei cut across. "For the sake of the rest of the cast, Shanshan and I had a serious discussion with the crew earlier on. We are not entirely sure, but we believe that Lin Yan has used her contract to threaten them. She refuses to leave the production, and there isn't anything they could do to her."

    Some of the female reporters were Wei Xufeng's fans. Thus, they were incensed when they heard Jiang Sifei's claims.

    How could they tolerate letting their beloved idol get bullied?

    A sharp-eyed reporter caught sight of Lin Yan, who stood some distance away.

    "Lin Yan!"

    "It's Lin Yan!"

    All the reporters rushed in the direction of Lin Yan and Duoduo. They nearly shoved their microphones into her face.

    "Lin Yan! Another actress accused you of harassing Wei Xufeng during filming. What do you have to say?"

    "May we ask if you are going to tie Wei Xufeng up and continue to get embroiled in scandals with him shamelessly?"

    "Wei Xufeng has already clarified this on Weibo and expressed his loathing for you. How could you pester him so brazenly?"


    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She was pestering Wei Xufeng?

    Alright, alright then. As long as everyone was happy.

    Duoduo carved a path in the midst of the crowd and charged towards Lin Yan. She then shielded her from the reporters and led her out.

    Lin Yan was surprised as she studied the lass.

    When Duoduo finally managed to get Lin Yan out safely, she scoffed aloud. "I merely promised Sister Ling to take care of you!"

    What Lin Yan had done aside, today, she had personally witnessed Lin Yan avoid going near Wei Xufeng. This was so unlike her infamous craziness...

    However, the crazier one seemed to be Wei Xufeng, who had been taking the initiative to strike up a conversation with Lin Yan all day long.

    Still, she knew that no one would believe her word. Instead, this might intensify the public's reaction and invite a flurry of negative remarks all over again.
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