155 I Wont Give Up

    This entire day had been extremely thrilling.

    When Lin Yan got home, she went to check on her Weibo account. As expected, there was another surge of negative comments after Jiang Sifei and He Shanshan's interview was broadcast.

    As usual, she updated her daily post before she browsed through the popular headlines. Then, she chanced upon Wei Xufeng's Weibo update.

    Wei Xufeng had typed, 'In my world, there won't be any more sunshine in the day or stars at night.'

    Wei Xufeng's sorrowful and melancholic post shattered the hearts of his fans.

    'Come and read this! Look at how badly she harassed our dear boy. He has to sacrifice so much for the sake of professionalism!'

    'The interview is so infuriating! I want to give my baby boy a taser! If Lin Yan dares to approach him, he could use it to electrify her!'

    'She is the tumor of the entertainment industry. Can anyone vanquish her?!'


    She merely wanted to browse the news, so she hit the headlines once again. It was the same old boring news.

    Bored, Lin Yan cast away her phone and rummaged in her drawer for an old photo.

    In the photo, a young boy gripped tightly her sleeve as they stood under a sakura tree.

    She had torn away the part of the photo with Lin Shuya's face.

    Lin Yan gazed at her little brother in the photo for some time. Then, she picked up her phone and dialed a number.

    The call got through and someone answered.

    Lin Yan asked, "Hello, is there any news on my brother?"

    A deep voice reached her ears. "According to the information you've provided, I've already zoomed in on a few targets. However, those aren't ordinary organizations, so it's hard to get information. I need more time."

    Although Lin Yan had expected this, her eyes dimmed. "Got it, thank you."

    The man sighed and replied, "Actually, I'd advise you not to harbor too much hope. Without your protection, your brother will probably be too weak and sickly to survive... His chances of survival are..."

    Lin Yan's voice quivered. "As long as I don't see his corpse, I won't give up."

    When they had been young, she had been abducted along with her brother and bought by a buyer who had in turn sold them to someone else. They had ended up in an underground laboratory, where they had been held captive for a long time.

    She didn't want to recall what had happened during that period.

    In the end, she had been forcefully separated from her brother.

    She couldn't bear to imagine how her brother would be without her. How would he be able to face those terrible people?

    She had pretended to be obedient so that they would drop their guard against her and seized this opportunity to escape.

    However, when she had gone back to save her brother, the whole laboratory had vanished without a trace.

    By the time the police had gotten there, the place had merely been an abandoned warehouse.

    She had still been young at the time. She had retold the entire sequence of events to the police and told them that other children had also been held captive. However, the police had investigated and the place had just been an abandoned warehouse.

    She had gone to the hospital for a full-body checkup afterward, but there had been nothing wrong with her.

    Everyone had thought that she was a delusional girl who spouted nonsense.

    Her brother had vanished ever since.

    It was as if he had simply vanished, leaving no trace of him in this world.

    The period she had been held captive for now felt like an illusion...


    How could it be... an illusion?
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