156 Getting Anxious on Your Behalf

    The man on the other line sighed before added, "How is your health? I'm worried... There might be certain unexpected consequences or side effects after that incident..."

    "I'm fine. Plus, it has been so many years. Everything is alright except for my mind... Forget it, it's nothing serious. Don't worry."

    Lin Yan's heart thudded as she spoke. Recently, weird things had been happening to her. Could it be a side effect caused by the laboratory?

    Her health had been fine all these years, and she had never mulled over it either...

    After Lin Yan hung up, she sat there, lost deep in thought. A WeChat phone notification interrupted her train of thought.

    It was Pei Yutang.

    Why was this little rascal calling her?

    Lin Yan answered, "Hello."

    "Big Sister-In-Law! Are you at home?" asked Pei Yutang.

    Lin Yan replied, "Yup, I'm home. What's wrong?"

    "What the... Why are you home again? It's so early! Why didn't you go on a date with my brother? Your relationship with him is so weird! Besides the fact that both of you address each other so formally, I haven't seen you out on a date at all after such a long time!" Pei Yutang reeled off without a pause.

    Lin Yan coughed softly and replied, "Who said that you have to go on dates when you are in a relationship? Everyone is so busy, especially your brother! His work schedule must be hectic! It's rather good that we are busy with work."

    "How can this go on? If you don't maintain the relationship in the long run, you will encounter problems very soon and your relationship will be affected!"

    Pei Yutang added solemnly, "This isn't right. Why would you need a bachelor like me to remind you? I'm getting anxious on your behalf!"

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched. "Young man, don't worry about the status of my relationship with your brother. Did you call just to ask me about this?"

    "No, certainly not! I have more important things to talk to you about!' Pei Yutang, who sounded excited, added eagerly, "Big Sister-In-Law, tomorrow I have a really important competition. Do you want to watch?"

    Lin Yan replied, "Tomorrow? I don't have to film... But..."

    Pei Yutang heard her and said eagerly, "Then come! Our team has just recruited a really awesome racer, so we will definitely beat that jerk, Song Yaonan! You have to come. I swear it will be super exciting! You will regret it for life if you don't come!"

    Lin Yan pouted in response. To be honest, she wasn't that interested in competitions of this scale...

    "Come and join us! If you come and watch the competition, I will risk my life to take more videos of my brother!" said Pei Yutang in a bid to entice her.

    Lin Yan blurted aloud, "I don't need them! Thank you!"

    She would be thankful if he stopped sending her those weird videos.

    "F*ck, you're not the least bit tempted?" Pei Yutang contemplated briefly before rattling on again. "How about Second Brother's autographed poster? It's a special limited anniversary edition!"

    Autographed poster? Limited anniversary edition?

    Even though she was Pei Nanxu's fan, she didn't even have an ordinary item with his autograph. She was sorely tempted. "His autographed poster? A limited anniversary edition? Are you sure you have it?"

    Pei Yutang sensed the excitement in Lin Yan's voice and replied gruffly, "Big Sister-In-Law, you rejected videos of Big Brother and chose Second Brother's autographed poster instead? Are you trying to cheat on my Big Brother? F*ck! What should I do when that time comes? Should I support Big Brother or Second Brother? How am I supposed to decide..."

    Damn it! How could this rascal think about choosing sides?

    Lin Yan was exasperated. "I'm not cheating! I already said that your second brother is my idol!"

    "Fine. Anyway, are you coming tomorrow? If you are, I shall risk my life to steal the autographed poster behind Big Brother's back!"

    Why did this sound so weird?

    She merely wanted an autographed poster, yet he made it sound as though she was... cheating on Pei Yucheng...
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