160 Seeking Treatment Together

    \"None of you know Sister Yan. How about we arrange a time and I'll get Sister Yan to display her racing skills? You will change your opinion once you've witnessed her drive!\" explained Pei Yutang hastily.

    In fact, female racers were often being overlooked and belittled.

    When one looked at the various aspects of racing, females were indeed a little lacking compared to the opposite sex.

    Racing wasn't driving. It required a focused and composed mind, and racers had to be mentally and physically strong. Racing demanded that the racer be fully alert and calm in all situations to avoid fatal accidents.

    Plus, the rigorous training wasn't for everyone. A racer had to be determined and hardworking, as this job entailed hardships as well. Even if women managed to endure it, their performance and results as racers weren't on par with men's results.

    Besides, the casualties in fatal accidents were countless.

    If there was an accident, it would never be a minor one, regardless of whether it happened during training or a competition.

    Hence, in the national racing team, there were rarely any female racers other than those with extraordinary talent.

    \"Pei Yutang, forget it.\" God Z didn't even glance at Lin Yan as he addressed Pei Yutang. \"I'm not interested in her at all. I don't think she has any talent. Just let her lead a comfortable life and watch from the sidelines.\"

    \"But...\" Pei Yutang was at a loss for words. He really felt that Lin Yan was gifted. It would be a waste to bury her talent.

    \"Pei Yutang, she hasn't even heard of ZH1. What could she possibly know about racing? Ask her if she knows about third-level international competitions. Has she ever watched one? If she had, there is no way she wouldn't have heard of us. We made the top 16 at the previous competition. Does she know that?\" A Zh1 team member surveyed Lin Yan with a scorning look and smirked at her.

    \"Girls should just focus on dolling themselves up. Why should they talk about racing? Don't you think that women and racing are worlds apart? They don't have to go to such trouble. Racing is sacred. No one should humiliate it.\" Another ZH1 member sneered coldly.

    Lin Yan's eyes darted to them as she wondered deep down. Did they feel some sort of resentment towards women? Why were they looking down on them?

    Pei Yutang sighed in despair when he noticed how unyielding God Z looked. There didn't seem to be any room for discussion.

    \"I do have a few apprentices who just joined the team under my apprentice's wings. If she really wanted to, I wouldn't mind getting my apprentice to recruit her,\" God Z suddenly said.

    \"Sounds good! Being the apprentice of God Z's apprentice would be great!\" Pei Yutang nodded fervently.

    Pei Yutang glanced at Lin Yan. \"Sister Yan, what do you think?\"

    \"Not interested. I'm not planning to look for a coach...\" replied Lin Yan.

    A member of the ZH1 team cut across before Pei Yutang could speak. \"Are you throwing a tantrum here because God Z said he won't be the one teaching you? What gives you the confidence to think you're worthy of being God Z's apprentice?\"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    These national racers that Pei Yutang had introduced to her... Was there something wrong with their brains?

    She was schizophrenic and they were delusional?

    Should she recommend her psychiatrist to them so that they could seek treatment together?
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