162 Dilemma

    Lin Yan was rendered speechless. \"Why would I follow you?\"

    \"I knew it!\" Wei Xufeng stared at Lin Yan as his lips curled upward into a cold smile. \"Lin Yan, let me tell you something. Even if you begin to learn racing now, you're still just you. You will never be Yeva!\"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Was there a need to? That was her!

    \"Lin Yan, don't assume that just because I told you this story, you can become her, even if you bear a resemblance to her! You will disgust people even more. Do you understand?\" Wei Xufeng's eyes blazed sharply. \"Don't try to be Yeva. You are not worthy, and you will never be!\"

    Wei Xufeng's phone rang and prevented Lin Yan from retorting.

    \"Dad... What? Now?\" Wei Xufeng looked annoyed. \"I'm at the racing arena today...\"

    \"Alright then. I will go back immediately.\" Wei Xufeng hung up, looking livid. \"Damn it! This means that I can only watch the He family's elimination race in a few days...\"

    He glanced at Lin Yan, looking aloof. \"Bear in mind that my goddess will always be Yeva. You will never be her in this lifetime. Be yourself and don't you dare insult Yeva. Otherwise, I will make you regret this.\"


    Wei Xufeng turned around and stormed away before Lin Yan could utter a single word.

    She hadn't expected that Wei Xufeng would pay attention to the racing industry. She certainly hadn't expected to meet him here.

    In hindsight, if Wei Xufeng hadn't been obsessed with racing, he wouldn't have known Yeva.

    Hold on. Which race had Wei Xufeng mentioned during the phone conversation earlier?

    Which He family had he been talking about?

    Lin Yan stood there, deep in thought. The race seemed to be held in the capital. The He family team? Her grandfather's team was also going to be participating in an elimination race a few days later.

    If her deduction was right, wouldn't she have to meet Wei Xufeng again at the competition?

    Lin Yan began to ponder if she needed to do something. He might accuse her of pretending to be Yeva and seizing this chance to get close to him.

    However, if Lin Yan were to really compete in the race, Wei Xufeng might recognize Yeva...

    Lin Yan was stuck in a dilemma.

    She walked to the racing track and studied the surroundings.

    She had to admit that Pei Yutang and Song Yaonan had chosen a good venue. It was suitable for large-scale races.

    Lin Yan had spotted and analyzed their cars earlier. This time, both Pei Yutang and Song Yaonan had invested heavily in their cars, so there wasn't a big gap between the two cars.

    In this case, winning would depend entirely on the racer's skills. During the competition, the racer had to take note of the details. That would eventually determine the winner.

    \"Sister Yan!\"

    Suddenly, Pei Yutang popped out behind Lin Yan and placed his hand on her shoulders.

    In that split second, Lin Yan instinctively grabbed Pei Yutang's arm.

    \"Ahhh... F*ck! Sister Yan... Let go of me! My arm is breaking!\" Pei Yutang shrieked in pain.
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