163 She Really Knew

    Lin Yan, who was jolted back to her senses, relinquished her grip instantly and stared at Pei Yutang, who was perspiring furiously. Why did this rascal have to scare her so suddenly from the back?

    \"Sister Yan, what are you trying to do? Do you have anything against me? How can you be so ruthless? Did you eat spinach like Popeye? Why are you so strong?\" Pei Yutang moved his arm cautiously, as it had almost been twisted by Lin Yan a second ago.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    This rascal had approached her sneakily and placed his arm on her shoulders, yet he blamed her instead.

    \"If I was really ruthless, you would have lost an arm.\" Lin Yan grinned in amusement at Pei Yutang.

    \"Sister Yan, you may be strong, but don't you think that you're exaggerating? Do you think my arm is made of plastic? How could you pull it off so easily?\" Pei Yutang looked indignant and upset. \"Sister Yan, you were lucky that it was you. If it had been someone else, I would have fought them to death and made them suffer!\"

    Lin Yan glanced at Pei Yutang, exasperated by his temper. A minute ago, he had been wailing and shrieking in pain.

    Lin Yan was about to respond when Pei Yutang's eyes swept past her and landed a fair distance away. There was an icy frostiness in his eyes now.

    \"That jerk is really early,\" hissed Pei Yutang coldly.

    Lin Yan turned and surveyed the figure that Pei Yutang was staring intently at.

    It was Pei Yutang's nemesis, Song Yaonan, with a group of people behind him.

    Song Yaonan and the others were all smiling as they conversed with a foreign racer who was clad in a blue racing uniform.

    There was a picture of a cheetah on the back of his shirt.

    Lin Yan, who stared at the cheetah, felt that the uniform looked familiar. She seemed to have seen it before. Pei Yutang poked at Lin Yan's hand carefully.

    \"What?\" Lin Yan spun around and glanced at Pei Yutang.

    Pei Yutang took a few steps back when Lin Yan turned around.

    \"Sister Yan, what's on your mind? You didn't respond to me,\" said Pei Yutang.

    Thanks to Lin Yan's natural reaction earlier, Pei Yutang had suffered psychological trauma. He feared that if he were flippant or careless around Lin Yan, she might cause permanent damage to his arm.

    \"Nothing much. I'm just looking at Song Yaonan and his team.\" Lin Yan smiled in response.

    \"Yeah, Sister Yan, I can't seem to figure it out. Did Song Yaonan recruit foreign racers?\" Upon sensing no danger, Pei Yutang inched closer to her.

    Lin Yan's eyes darted to the racer. It was obvious enough... They were from overseas.

    \"Sister Yan, do you know that team? I don't believe Song Yaonan will win, despite having foreign racers. We have ZH1 on our side, and they are a top national team. Furthermore, God Z is here to hold the fort!\" Pei Yutang rattled on.

    \"Hmmm... Seems like...\" Lin Yan sank into a pensive silence.

    Before Lin Yan could speak, Pei Yutang shook his head. \"Sister Yan, even though your racing skills are good, you don't understand much about racing teams. You don't even know ZH1 and God Z! How could you know anything about them?\"

    Lin Yan was speechless. On the contrary, she knew a lot.

    The blue uniform with the picture of the cheetah represented an overseas racing team named Speed.

    The captain of this team had been crowned champion numerous times at third-level international competitions. He had also tried to take on the second level. When Lin Yan had been abroad, her apprentice had also participated in the same competition and invited Lin Yan to watch the competition as his VIP guest.
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