164 Good Luck, Kid

    At the time, Lin Yan's apprentice had met Speed's captain.

    Lin Yan could still recall how haughty the captain had been. He had tried relentlessly to provoke and humiliate her apprentice. At the start of the race, her apprentice had personally sent Speed's captain out of the race track.

    A commendable thing to note was that, in the beginning, Lin Yan's apprentice had practically crushed Speed's captain. He had even waited for the captain at the finish line for two and a half minutes...

    Lin Yan's apprentice had become famous overnight and been crowned champion of the second-level international competition that year. He had instantly become a hot top-notch racer and his popularity had increased.

    Nevertheless, Speed's captain couldn't be underestimated. He ranked eighth in the second-level international competition. ZH1, who had been invited by Pei Yutang, simply wasn't in the same league as Speed.

    Speed was in the top eight teams of the second-level international competition.

    On the other hand, ZH1 was in the top 16 of the third-level international competition.

    Based on these facts, there wasn't any probability of ZH1 winning.

    There was a vast difference between the third and second-level international competition. To put it simply, it was like a competition between kindergarteners and university students.

    Lin Yan peered at Pei Yutang silently. Unconsciously, empathy filled her eyes as she thought to herself, 'Good luck, kid.'

    \"Sister Yan, look at Song Yaonan! How dare he hire foreign racers? He thinks too highly of their capability. Does he reckon that foreign racers will be able to help him win this competition?\"

    \"Third Young Master, did you make a special... bet?\" Lin Yan peered at Pei Yutang.

    \"Of course!\" Pei Yutang scoffed coldly before he added, \"Sister Yan, the losing team will have to disband their car team and retire. They will also have to crawl between the winner's legs.\"

    Lin Yan thought silently to herself, 'I wish all the best to you.'

    \"Sister Yan, why are you looking at me with this expression? What are you trying to imply? Don't you believe in ZH1's ability?\" Pei Yutang was slightly annoyed by Lin Yan's reaction.

    As Lin Yan stared at Pei Yutang, her mind started to race. How should she broach this topic?

    How could Pei Yutang be so foolish as to make such a bet? Shouldn't he check and understand more about his opponent's background first? How would they be able to compete now? ZH1 could never beat them, even if their lives depended on it.

    \"Third Young Master, do you think there is another way?\" Lin Yan gazed at Pei Yutang.

    \"What do you mean?\" Pei Yutang looked confused.

    Lin Yan suggested, \"For instance, surrender and alter the bet...\"

    \"Surrender?\" Pei Yutang was momentarily shocked when he heard Lin Yan. Then, he sneered and replied, \"Sister Yan, are you joking? Why would I be so kind as to allow Song Yaonan to surrender? No way would I agree to alter the bet!\"

    Lin Yan thought silently to herself, 'I wish all the best to you.'

    \"Sister Yan, wait and see. This time, I will make sure that Song Yaonan pays the price for everything he has done. How dare he bully me? He is too naive!\" Pei Yutang smirked to himself.

    \"What if I told you that Song Yaonan has hired Speed?\" Lin Yan quipped.

    \"Speed?\" Pei Yutang fell deep in thought, looking as though he had never heard of this team.

    \"What kind of team is this? I've never heard of it...\" Pei Yutang shook his head.

    Lin Yan sighed and interjected, \"They entered the second-level international competition and made the top eight.\" Lin Yan had no choice but to warn him.
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