165 What Was That?


    Pei Yutang's face crumpled in horror at Lin Yan's words as he stared at her in disbelief. \"They made the top eight of the second level? Are you serious? Sister Yan, don't scare me!\"

    \"I know those racers. I saw them once when I was watching the competition. It has to be them,\" answered Lin Yan.

    \"Sister Yan, you gave me a scare. I thought you really knew them.\"

    Pei Yutang heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Lin Yan. \"You're not that familiar with the teams, and there are many uniforms that look similar. You must be mistaken. How could Song Yaonan know any racers from the second-level international competition? It's a joke. Even I can't get in touch with them.\"

    Lin Yan shrugged when she heard Pei Yutang's response. She had already said her piece. Now, it was up to Pei Yutang to decide if he wanted to believe her.

    \"Isn't this Young Master Pei, who will be crawling before me later?\"

    Song Yaonan's voice preceded his entire entourage's presence.

    \"Ha ha... Song Yaonan, don't be so smug. You don't know who will be the one crawling yet.\" Pei Yutang scorned coldly.

    Song Yaonan didn't reply. He merely made a rude gesture with his hand. When his eyes swept past Lin Yan, a steely cold glint appeared in his eyes.

    Song Yaonan would never forget the indelible humiliation this woman had caused him. How could he be defeated by a woman on the racing track?

    Song Yaonan didn't care about that damn engine. He needed to earn... his pride back!

    \"Are you participating today?\" Song Yaonan eyed Lin Yan with a smirk.

    \"I'm merely a spectator this time,\" replied Lin Yan.

    \"Spectator? How come? You beat me last time, so I wanted to give you another chance... Would you dare to have a bet with me?\" Song Yaonan taunted her.

    \"Not interested,\" Lin Yan replied in a placid tone.

    \"Pei Yutang, the chick that you brought with you is a coward just like you.\" Song Yaonan glanced at Pei Yutang.

    \"What the... Who are you talking about?\" Pei Yutang widened his eyes furiously and rolled up his sleeves.

    Lin Yan's brows were furrowed in annoyance before Pei Yutang could even respond. She immediately pulled him behind her and eyed Song Yaonan.

    Lin Yan's eyes were fixed intently on Song Yaonan. \"I'm a loyal person.\"

    \"Oh. So what?\" Song Yaonan replied with a scoff.

    \"You can mock him, but not me,\" replied Lin Yan.

    Pei Yutang nodded vigorously when he heard Lin Yan. \"Yes, well-said! You can say that I'm a coward but...\"

    He stopped mid-sentence abruptly as he turned to Lin Yan with a puzzled expression.

    What was that?

    Was this the loyalty that Lin Yan had talked about?

    \"Song Yaonan, what are the stakes?\" asked Lin Yan.

    \"Let's bet on this race. We'll set aside the team competition. As long as you beat any of the racers behind me, you will be considered the winner. If you lose...\" Song Yaonan's eyes roved over Pei Yutang before he said in a condescending manner, \"You'll have to spend one night with me.\"

    Song Yaonan had assumed that Lin Yan was Pei Yutang's girlfriend, so he deliberately said this to humiliate him.

    \"What kind of nonsense is this? Is she loses, I'll have to keep you company?\" Pei Yutang stared at Song Yaonan with a mix of bewilderment and horror on his face.
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