166 Big Brother Will Kill Me!

    Besides Pei Yutang, even the young men and women around Song Yaonan looked bewildered. Speed's team members frowned slightly as well.

    Lin Yan walked over to Pei Yutang and gently patted his shoulders. In a solemn tone, she said, \"It'll be hard on you.\"

    \"F*ck! Song Yaonan, are you mental? Get lost! Don't even come near me!\" Pei Yutang pointed and shouted at Song Yaonan.

    Initially, Song Yaonan hadn't realized what was going on. When he saw everyone else's expression, he finally understood.

    He had meant that Lin Yan would spend a night with him. His words hadn't been directed at Pei Yutang. He had merely been looking at him to provoke him! Wasn't Lin Yan supposed to be his lover?

    Were these people brainless? Couldn't they interpret his intentions?

    \"Pei Yutang, I'm talking about your girl. Not you,\" hissed Song Yaonan.

    \"You want her to keep you company for a night?\" Pei Yutang's eyes darted to Lin Yan and he shuddered. No way! This was definitely impossible!

    If she were to lose, his Big Brother would cut both him and Song Yaonan into a million pieces!

    Their bodies would be dismembered! He was certain of it!

    \"Bullsh*t! Are you even fit?\" Pei Yutang pointed at Song Yaonan's nose and bellowed, \"Why don't you look at your reflection in a pool of urine!\"

    \"Are you scared? Are you cowering like a coward once more? If you don't dare to take the bet, it's fine. Just admit that you're a coward.\" Song Yaonan sneered coldly.


    Pei Yutang's face was crimson. However, before he could retort, Lin Yan stepped forward with a tiny smile. \"Sure, I accept your bet!\"

    \"No, no, no! Don't act rashly!\"

    Pei Yutang gasped in shock when Lin Yan agreed.

    This wasn't a joke. The people that Song Yaonan had brought were capable of doing anything.

    If Lin Yan lost and his Big Brother was alerted, then... everyone would be in trouble!

    \"Pei Yutang, it's none of your business. This is my bet with her, get it?\" Song Yaonan glanced slyly at Pei Yutang.

    \"You haven't mentioned what you will do if you lose the bet.\" Lin Yan stared intently at Song Yaonan.

    \"If I lose, you can ask me to do anything!\" Song Yaonan smirked.

    \"If I win this time... I want two engines!\" proclaimed Lin Yan.

    Song Yaonan was speechless...

    Pei Yutang was speechless...

    A smile flitted across Song Yaonan's face as he studied the girl. She really thought that she had a chance of winning? She even wanted two engines?

    \"Sure, I will give you two engines. As long as you win, you can choose any of the engines here,\" promised Song Yaonan.

    \"Deal.\" Lin Yan nodded.

    Pei Yutang pulled Lin Yan to a corner. \"Sister... Big Sister-In-Law... Daddy... Please don't do this to me. If Big Brother were to get wind of this, he would kill me!\"

    Lin Yan glanced sideways at Pei Yutang. Wasn't he the one who'd insisted that she had to come?

    \"Don't worry, this has nothing to do with you. Besides, your Big Brother won't know about this,\" replied Lin Yan airily.

    \"He won't know? Are you joking, Sister Yan? Song Yaonan's car team might not be able to beat ZH1, but it will easily beat you!\" Pei Yutang sounded anxious and worried.

    \"Why are you so afraid? Stay composed. I have a plan,\" Lin Yan comforted him.

    \"Sister Yan, listen to me. When the race starts, you flee immediately! I'll settle everything else for you!\"

    \"Alright, I got it.\" Lin Yan waved her hand at Pei Yutang to dismiss him.
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