167 Not an Undeserved Reputation

    The competition was starting, and the staff was busy with preparations. All the racing cars were ready at the starting line.

    ZH1's team members had convened.

    Mumu was shocked when he spotted Song Yaonan and the team a fair distance away.

    \"Captain, look!\" Mumu raised his voice.

    God Z instinctively spun his head in that direction. The moment his gaze landed on the Speed team members, he sprang to his feet.

    \"Air Commander's team? Speed?\" God Z looked astounded.

    \"Pei Yutang, what are you up to?\" God Z glared at Pei Yutang. \"Do you have any idea who the opponents are?\"

    Pei Yutang was dumbfounded as his mind began to race. Had Lin Yan been speaking the truth?

    Song Yaonan had really invited Speed, a team in the top eight of the second level of the international competition!

    Pei Yutang had promised ZH1 that they would definitely score a victory and that they wouldn't have to worry.

    However, they had to compete against Speed now!

    Even though ZH1 was the top team in the country and had not lost a competition in the past two years, they couldn't afford to lose! Although this might not be an official competition but merely a friendly match, they stood no chance against Speed whatsoever...

    This damned Pei Yutang wasn't even aware of the background of the opposing team?

    However, this wasn't entirely Pei Yutang's fault. They had been negligent as well. After all, they had believed Pei Yutang's words without verifying them.

    Pei Yutang, who was overwhelmed by a plethora of emotions, had no idea how to react.

    He had assumed that victory would be in his grasp, as he had the top national team on his side. He was confident that Song Yaonan would definitely lose. Who would have imagined that Song Yaonan had the capability to invite such a top-notch international team?

    \"We are finished...\"

    ZH1's team members looked completely defeated. Their best achievement was making the top 16 of the third level of the international competition. How could they possibly defeat Speed, who was way out of their league?

    Speed's captain, whose nickname was Air Commander, was the racer who had competed against Lang Mang!

    Lang Mang had been the champion of the second level of the racing competition numerous times. Other than that, he was also the apprentice of the famous Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva!

    Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva, who had never revealed her face, had been the defending champion of the first level of the competition for a few years. There was no doubt that she fully deserved her title. She had become a legend of the racing industry at the pinnacle of her career.

    Her nickname, Race Track's Grim Reaper, wasn't an undeserved title. She had started from the second level and swept the championship of both the first and second level, sending countless top-notch racers and legends crashing out of the race track.

    Speed's captain, Air Commander, had competed against Yeva's apprentice. They had already lost before even starting!

    \"Damn it! Who exactly is Song Yaonan? He even managed to get Air Commander's team members!\" A ZH1 member gnashed his teeth furiously. They were doomed to lose today.

    \"Who is... Air Commander?\" Pei Yutang asked softly.

    \"Air Commander is Speed's captain. He competed against Lang Mang, who was the apprentice of Yeva, the Race Track's Grim Reaper,\" answered Mumu.

    \"F*ck. It can't be...\" Pei Yutang was both dismayed and astounded. \"I've heard of Lang Mang! He is widely known to be as unrestrained as waves! He likes to wait for his opponent at the finish line...\"
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