168 The Winner Hasnt Been Determined Ye

    \"Stop talking.\" God Z frowned and said, \"If you'd checked and investigated the opponents beforehand, we wouldn't be in this situation. Pei Yutang, I'm telling you, there is no way we will win.\"

    \"Pei Yutang, you got all of us in trouble!\" A ZH1 team member yelled angrily.

    No one would be willing to take part in a competition that they were bound to lose. Especially when there was such a huge obvious difference between the two teams' levels and skills.

    \"Then what should we do? Don't back down!\" Pei Yutang's forehead was perspiring, as Song Yaonan had made a bet with him regarding the result of this race. This outcome would determine his fate, so there was no way he could lose.

    Whoever lost the bet would have to disband his car fleet and crawl under the other party's legs. If he really lost this bet, it might be more merciful to die on the spot.

    \"Air Commander isn't here today. Perhaps we won't suffer a terrible defeat.\" God Z looked solemn and glum.

    Speed's best racer was Air Commander. However, they hadn't spotted him at all. Perhaps, there was still a glimmer of hope after all.

    Air Commander was the member of the team who had successfully gotten the other members into the top eight.

    Lin Yan glanced at Pei Yutang as she stood there quietly. She had advised him to give up earlier on, but he hadn't wanted to. This rascal was overconfident.

    Soon, the race was about to start. Both teams strode towards the race track.

    \"Pei Yutang, let me watch you suffer a terrible death today.\" Song Yaonan eyed Pei Yutang intently and scoffed aloud. He then pretended to slit his throat.

    Although Pei Yutang was jittery and anxious, he kept up a calm facade. \"Don't be so complacent. The winner hasn't been determined yet.\"

    \"Well, in that case, we shall wait and see,\" remarked Song Yaonan.

    Soon, a fit racer spoke up, looking rather displeased. \"Why do I have to race... against a woman? This race is so boring.\"

    Then, he studied Lin Yan with contempt and said, \"You will have the opportunity to brag in the future.\"

    Lin Yan stared at him and smiled. \"I hope you go easy on me and don't make me suffer a terrible defeat.\"

    \"No, no, no. I will show you how dangerous racing is. Oh yeah, do you even know how to race? Do you have any idea where the accelerator and the clutch are?\" he said condescendingly.

    Speed's members roared with laughter upon hearing his snide remarks.

    Lin Yan shrugged silently.

    When they got ready, the race was about to start.

    According to the rules of the competition, each team's racers' rankings would be consolidated and the winning team would be determined.

    As the signal echoed around the track, ZH1 and Speed's racers zoomed off in a split second. A commotion erupted from the stands.

    ZH1's racing cars were orange, while Speed's cars were blue.

    The orange and blue cars intertwined as they brushed dangerously close.

    Lin Yan studied the colored cars briefly and turned to a nervous Pei Yutang. \"ZH1 will lose.\"

    \"Huh?\" Pei Yutang frowned in dismay. \"Sister Yan, can't you cheer me on? I would rather die than lose this competition!\"

    Lin Yan looked rather helpless. Just a fleeting glance was enough for her to know that the two teams weren't on par. She had merely spoken the truth.

    \"Third Young Master, I think that you should prepare yourself mentally...\" Lin Yan watched Pei Yutang with sympathy in her eyes.

    If ZH1 wanted to win this competition, they would need a miracle. It was nearly impossible.
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