169 Crushing Defea

    Lin Yan began to analyze the situation on the race track. Only a Speed racer was behind God Z, and the rest of the team was ahead. Only if the ZH1 racers could manage to surpass the Speed racers in the remaining time would they be able to win. However, that possibility evidently wasn't realistic.

    The gap between the two teams was too glaring.

    Actually, Lin Yan didn't have to explain. Pei Yutang could see for himself the situation on the track.

    \"Sister Yan, ZH1 is bound to lose... I'm finished... Is there any way to remedy the situation?\" Pei Yutang looked uptight and scared.

    \"I don't think so.\" Lin Yan shook her head.

    \"Does that mean I have to disband the team and crawl under that b*stard's legs? No, I can't do that. If Big Brother caught wind of this, he would beat me to death. I will never be able to race again...\" Pei Yutang was pale, and beads of perspiration were rolling down his forehead.

    Lin Yan gazed at Pei Yutang in confusion. So... this kid was afraid that he would have to disband his fleet or crawl under Song Yaonan's legs? Or was he more afraid that his Big Brother would beat him up?

    Before Lin Yan could speak, applause and raucous cheers rang from the stands.

    Lin Yan and Pei Yutang turned their heads and saw a Speed racer at the finish line. He removed his helmet and waved his hands in victory.

    \"F*ck. He already reached the finish line? What the heck!\" Pei Yutang gritted his teeth in fury.

    As Pei Yutang spoke, another Speed racer sped across the finish line at lightning speed.

    He gave up any hope when the second Speed racer drove past the finish line. The race had ended.

    By looking at the results of all the racers, one could tell that they would lose even if the rest of the ZH1 racers were faster than the rest of the Speed team.

    The third racer to finish the race was God Z. To Pei Yutang, this result didn't hold any meaning anymore. He had suffered a complete crushing defeat to Song Yaonan.

    \"I want to die... Let me die...\" Pei Yutang looked crestfallen, as though all hope was gone.

    Lin Yan grabbed Pei Yutang.

    \"Sister Yan, don't stop me. Let me die. If Big Brother discovers what happened today, he will kill me...\" Pei Yutang uttered feebly.

    \"Alright then.\" Lin Yan relinquished her grip.

    A pitiful-looking Pei Yutang turned to Lin Yan. \"Sister Yan, why do you have to be so cruel? Are you going to watch and do nothing as I march towards destruction?\"

    Lin Yan was speechless. Wasn't he the one who didn't want her to stop him?

    \"Sister Yan, you really have to save me this time!\" Pei Yutang was close to tears. \"Only you can change Big Brother's mind!\"

    \"So it doesn't matter even if you have to crawl under Song Yaonan's legs?\" Lin Yan raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

    She hadn't expected that Pei Yutang would be a man of his word. He actually faced his losses with dignity and was ready to do what he had promised. Lin Yan had underestimated him before.

    \"Oh yeah. No... I would rather kill myself than submit to Song Yaonan's humiliation.\" Only then did Pei Yutang remember his bet.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    By then, the result of the competition was clear without a doubt. ZH1 had been crushed by Speed. After all, the two teams weren't even in the same league.
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