170 A Comeback Against the Wind

    After the race ended, the ZH1 members approached Pei Yutang. Everyone looked menacing.

    If Pei Yutang had researched their opponents, they wouldn't have ended up competing against Speed!

    Before any of them could speak, Song Yaonan swaggered towards them with the rest of the Speed racers.

    Pei Yutang clenched his fists the second he caught sight of the victorious smirk on Song Yaonan's face. How he wished he could chew him up!

    \"Young Master Pei Yutang, what's wrong? You look like a dog mourning its owner's death. It breaks my heart.\" Song Yaonan sneered coldly as he watched Pei Yutang intently.

    Pei Yutang's mouth jerked as though he had something to say. In the end, not a single word slipped past his teeth.

    As the saying goes, losers are always in the wrong. He had lost the bet, so there wasn't anything else left to be said. Anything he said would only invite more humiliation and mockery.

    When Pei Yutang didn't respond, a young man behind Song Yaonan said, \"Pei Yutang, you didn't forget the bet you made with Brother Song, right? What are you waiting for? Are you ready? If you are, crawl under his legs.\"

    \"You!\" Pei Yutang gnashed his teeth as his face turned red.

    Although he had always lost to Song Yaonan, the stakes were too high this time. Unfortunately, there was no way out.

    \"Pei Yutang, what's wrong? Do you need some time to get prepared? Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry. I'll wait for you.\" Song Yaonan sneered as he widened his legs.

    Pei Yutang stared at Song Yaonan with a fiery, intense gaze, his veins throbbing against his forehead.

    He was willing to disband his team and crawl under his legs, as he was the one who had suggested this bet. He only had himself to blame for being complacent and not underestimating Song Yaonan's ability.

    Upon seeing Pei Yutang remain motionless, another man quipped, \"Young Master Pei Yutang, are you trying to wriggle your way out of this? Do you intend to renege on your promise?\"

    \"Bullsh*t! When did I ever say that I was going to renege?\" Pei Yutang gnashed his teeth furiously, looking mutinous. \"I'm ready. I'm not a sore loser!\"

    \"Alright then, don't dawdle,\" hissed the man.

    Pei Yutang began to bend his back while everyone's eyes were on him.

    A moment later, Lin Yan pulled his sleeve and jerked him upward.

    \"Sister Yan?\" Pei Yutang glanced at Lin Yan in bewilderment.

    \"Why are you in such a hurry? We are not done with our bet. If you want to fulfill the promise, wait till everything is over,\" replied Lin Yan calmly.

    \"Huh?\" Song Yaonan's eyes landed on Lin Yan before he studied her with a long meaningful look. Then, he chuckled aloud. \"Girl, is your heart aching? We do have another bet, so you should worry about yourself.\"

    Lin Yan turned to him with a placid expression. \"This brings me to our bet. ZH1 and Speed's race hasn't ended.\"

    \"What? Are you trying to talk your way out of it?\" a man next to Song Yaonan spat.

    \"Don't be so impatient,\" Lin Yan added, \"Song Yaonan, you said yourself that my bet with you is considered part of the outcome of the competition. You didn't mention starting a new bet after Speed and ZH1 ended their race.\"

    \"So what?\" quipped Song Yaonan.

    Lin Yan grinned. \"So I can be considered a member of the ZH1 team. Am I right?\"

    Song Yaonan didn't challenge the woman, even though she was trying to play games with him. He wanted to see what kind of tricks she had up her sleeves.

    \"If you put it that way, so be it,\" answered Song Yaonan.

    \"In that case, I'm ZH1's last member and we should compete according to the rules. All of Speed's racers need to race once more. If any of them manage to reach the finish line before me, then ZH1 will have lost completely,\" Lin Yan expounded calmly.

    As soon as she finished her last word, everyone, including some of ZH1's members, chortled.

    Was this woman serious?

    The rule was true, but there was a prerequisite. If the whole team wanted a victory, Lin Yan had to beat all of Speed's members first. As long as any of Speed's members finished ahead of her, ZH1 would be considered the loser.
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