171 Are You Fit To?

    \"You're not even an amateur. How dare you dream of beating Speed?\"

    A ZH1 racer watched Lin Yan with a frown. Loathing was clearly seen on his face. Was she using claptrap to please the crowd?

    What ridiculous nonsense!

    \"Are you fit to compete with us?\" A Speed racer scanned Lin Yan with contempt.

    Lin Yan chuckled slightly as she stared at Song Yaonan. \"Are you all scared? In that case... ZH1 and Speed will come to a draw. Let's just go home and no one will have to suffer any losses. What do you think?\"

    To put it plainly, Lin Yan was trying to avoid racing with them.

    \"Lass, you're really adorable.\" Song Yaonan's lips curled as he looked at Lin Yan. \"Fine, I will allow you to waste our time. It will be the honor of a lifetime to be able to compete with Speed. Tonight, you will definitely be mine. I shall fulfill your wish... but you have to try to please me tonight so that my efforts won't go to waste.\"

    Song Yaonan finished speaking and addressed the rest of the Speed members. \"According to the rules, she is right. Can I trouble all of you to spend a few more minutes here?\"

    \"Alright then.\"

    Speed's members grudgingly agreed when Song Yaonan spoke.

    \"Your country's racers and teams meet lousy standards. Even a spectator would be so brazen... The racing industry in this country is really inferior,\" a Speed member remarked with contempt before he walked towards his car.

    \"Do you have an extra uniform?\" Lin Yan asked God Z.

    \"Sister Yan, why do you need a uniform? Just wear this! Come, I'll go with you!\" Pei Yutang nudged Lin Yan and gave her a thumbs-up discreetly.

    Pei Yutang had assumed that Lin Yan had deliberately tricked Song Yaonan and the rest so that they would drop their guard against them. Then, when they got in the car, she would drive off and flee as fast as possible.

    \"Are you fit to wear ZH1's uniform?\" someone asked her with a condescending look.

    \"Don't be so mean.\" Mumu shook his head at the man.

    \"Mumu, give her a uniform and a helmet.\" God Z spoke up.

    Mumu ran to retrieve a uniform for Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan put it on over her clothes and took the helmet.

    \"You can use my car. It's the best,\" God Z told Lin Yan before he added, \"Don't force yourself. Otherwise, you might die.\"

    \"Thank you.\"

    Lin Yan waved her hands and walked to the race track.

    \"Sister Yan! Wait for me!\" Pei Yutang scuttled after her.

    All the Speed members were sitting in their cars, ready for the race.

    Lin Yan, on the other hand, was still trying to choose one of ZH1's cars.

    \"Sister Yan, just get into a car. We need to flee...\" Pei Yutang whispered in Lin Yan's ear.

    \"Stop talking nonsense,\" snapped Lin Yan.

    Pei Yutang was speechless...

    \"This one.\" After several minutes, Lin Yan picked Mumu's car.

    ZH1's members frowned in confusion.

    \"Is there something wrong with this woman's brain? Mumu's car is average. The main problem is its tires. It doesn't have enough traction, so it's easy for it to spin out of control.\"

    \"Who cares? Do you still expect her to beat Speed?\" someone remarked and scoffed coldly. \"I reckon all the cars are the same to her.\"

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