173 I Was Wrong! I Want to Get Out!

    \"You really think that woman can last a round against the Speed team? It's best that she didn't start the car. If she gets into an accident, she might even lose her life.\" A ZH1 member smirked.

    \"She should just stay put and wait for all the Speed members to come back. Let's leave when they do... We can only blame our luck this time.\"


    In the car...

    Pei Yutang was speechless. Was she here to race?

    He bowed his head as he typed on her phone.

    A second later, a song was heard.

    \"Not bad. What is that song?\"

    \"Natural by Imagine Dragons,\" Pei Yutang replied without thinking.

    \"Sister Yan, why aren't you moving? They will be finishing a lap soon!\" When Pei Yutang saw that Lin Yan had shut her eyes to enjoy the music, he panicked.

    \"Don't rush me. The chorus is coming.\" The corners of Lin Yan's mouth curled into a smile. Then, she stepped on the accelerator and the brakes at the same time.

    'Will you hold the line,'

    'When every one of them has given up and given in.'

    'In this house of mine.'

    'Nothing ever comes without a consequence or cost, so tell me'

    'Will the stars align? Will heaven step in? Will it save us from our sins? Will it?'

    ''Cause this house of mine stands strong.'



    When the chorus played, ear-piercing sounds of cars echoed around the track.

    \"F*ck! Sister Yan, what are you up to?\" Pei Yutang grabbed on to his seatbelt. \"You didn't release the brakes... The tires will heat up. It will be too dangerous if you dash out like this!\"

    Lin Yan looked as though she hadn't heard Pei Yutang's words. She straightened her back before the smile on her face vanished abruptly without a trace.

    \"Lie down,\" she instructed him.

    \"Huh?\" Pei Yutang was puzzled.

    Before he could react, Lin Yan adjusted his car seat all the way down so that he fell flat on his back.

    Lin Yan took out a plastic bag and stuffed it in his hands.

    Pei Yutang held on to the plastic bag, looking utterly bewildered. What was she doing?

    After a few more seconds, the song reached its climax.

    At that exact moment, Lin Yan released the brakes.


    The orange car flew out like a rocket.

    Lin Yan had been stepping on the brakes, so the back tires had been worn out as a result. The back of the car swerved and turned at a beautiful angle, as air resistance had been minimized.


    That swift, rapid sensation caused Pei Yutang to puke. Fortunately, he was holding on to the plastic bag.

    \"Ahh!\" Pei Yutang was as white as a sheet. This ride was scarier than a roller-coaster ride! He felt as though his body had flown out of the car.

    \"Sister... Sister Yan...\" Pei Yutang trembled intensely as he watched Lin Yan in terror. Was she planning to get both of them killed that day?

    Lin Yan looked as though she had been alienated from the world. All she could see was the race track.

    \"I want to get out... I will crawl under Song Yaonan... I'm going to die... I was wrong!\"

    Pei Yutang almost lost consciousness due to the extreme pressure and speed of the car.
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