174 Nothing Could Stop I


    As Pei Yutang finished talking, the orange car reached its maximum speed. Even the car itself was jerking violently. The back tires had lost all friction, and the car seemed as though it was a python as it slithered swiftly forward with Lin Yan at the helm.

    Meanwhile, outside the track... ZH1's members all leaped to their feet in shock. They were all overwhelmed by shock and horror as they watched the orange car speeding towards the blue cars. Their astonishment and shock couldn't be contained in their eyes.

    \"That woman is crazy! She has a death wish!\" a ZH1 member blurted out loud.

    This speed was practically insane. Originally, the back tires of Mumu's car hadn't really had much traction. To make things worse, the woman had been stepping on the brakes to heat up the tires. As a result, there was practically no traction anymore. If she made any mistakes on the track, she wouldn't be able to come out alive given the speed she was racing at!

    There would be a fatal accident!

    God Z's eyes nailed Lin Yan's car intently as his expression darkened. What was this woman trying to do? Was she racing or trying to get herself killed?

    \"She... has completely abandoned using the braking system...\" Mumu had a deep frown on his face. She really didn't know how to race... If she did, how could she adopt such a dangerous method?

    \"This is simply suicide!' a ZH1 member shouted.

    \"This is bad...\" God Z was solemn as he watched Lin Yan approach three winding roads. The lack of the braking system coupled with her speed would bring about disastrous consequences.

    However, who could stop the racing car at this juncture? No one could do it.

    That car was practically as unstoppable as a runaway horse.

    Song Yaonan was stunned as well. Even if she couldn't win, she need not choose to die.

    \"She is approaching the curves!\" Mumu yelled.

    The Speed racers had entered the winding roads.

    All the Speed cars would activate their braking systems once they entered the winding roads. They would use the brakes along with direction to achieve an angular velocity so that the cars would drift.

    The Speed racers had just finished their drifts when Lin Yan's orange car caught up with them. Based on Lin Yan's speed, she would reach the winding roads in less than 10 seconds.

    Pei Yutang had gradually gotten used to her speed, so the urge to puke had diminished considerably.

    As he watched the approaching winding roads ahead, he yelled, \"Sister Yan! Quick, quick! Winding roads ahead... Slow down! F*ck!\"

    However, he soon realized that Lin Yan had no intention of listening to him. She continued to be engrossed in her own world, and her expression was unruffled and calm.

    Pei Yutang's mind turned blank as he stared at the road ahead. He had given up.

    There was suddenly a loud swoosh.

    Lin Yan turned the steering wheel and swerved.

    The orange car brushed dangerously close to the curb as it sped on.

    Lin Yan continued to use the same method and sped past the next two curves in no time.

    These three winding roads usually required three halts.

    However, Lin Yan made it seem as though she had finished them all in one breath. The process had been as fluid as water. Visually, there had been no pause whatsoever.
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