175 This Lunatic!

    ZH1's members stood outside the track as they watched in shock.

    One of them unconsciously rubbed his eyes as he watched the car speeding through the three winding roads smoothly without any halts. He looked dumbstruck as the orange car continued to pick up speed.

    \"How... How could... it be possible...\"

    \"She drove through three curves in a fluid motion... without using the braking system... She must be... cheating...\"

    \"What kind of technique was that?\" Mumu's mouth hung open in disbelief.

    \"How could it be...\" God Z rose, astonishment filling his eyes.

    He had never witnessed anything like that. Not even once.


    On the track, the last racer of Speed's team heard loud engine sounds behind him and instinctively glanced at the rearview mirror.


    His eyes squinted and his expression faltered violently.

    He could clearly see the orange car that Lin Yan was racing in. It was just like a wild beast charging in the plains as it headed his way.

    \"What the...\" He cursed and immediately fumbled, trying to send her out of the track.

    Before he could react, the orange car sped past him in the blink of an eye. A second later, he couldn't see her car anymore. What was left on the track was merely some emissions of the car.


    In no time, Lin Yan's orange car sped and instantly overtook the next Speed racer.

    \"What the f*ck... Sh*t...\" Pei Yutang was completely terrified as he stared at Lin Yan wordlessly.

    What was happening?

    Pei Yutang's emotions were indescribable... What had he just witnessed?

    \"Daddy, how did you do that? How did you manage to do that?\" An astonished Pei Yutang gazed at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan, of course, didn't reply.

    \"Daddy, say something!\" Pei Yutang pressed on anyway.

    \"Shut up!\" Lin Yan snapped impatiently in the end.

    \"Alright!\" Pei Yutang slumped back and nodded.

    Lin Yan was speeding towards the third car.

    \"Did she catch up?\"

    One of Speed's racers looked startled. However, he didn't deliberate at all. Immediately, he increased his speed and maneuvered his car to block Lin Yan's path.

    As long as he could block Lin Yan and get the rest of his teammates to the finish line, their team would win. According to the rules, Lin Yan would lose as long as one of the Speed racers managed to get to the finish line first.

    \"So he wants to use this trick...\"

    Lin Yan sneered coldly when she noticed the car. Without hesitation, she steered her car to head towards the car ahead.

    \"Don't! Don't do that! Sister Yan... Daddy... We're going to perish along with them!\" Pei Yutang was flustered and horrified. If they crashed into the car at this speed, both of them would die along with the Speed racer!


    \"Lunatic! What a lunatic!\" The Speed racer swore and cursed when he noticed Lin Yan moving directly toward his car.

    He wouldn't even have time to move out of the way at the rate the woman was going!

    Upon seeing that the orange car was about to knock into his car, he stepped on the accelerator furiously to widen the gap between them.

    The orange car was simply too fast. It was on the verge of getting out of control. He couldn't seem to shake her off. Instead, she seemed to be getting closer.
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