176 Car And Driver Merged As One


    Just as the orange car was about to crash against the Speed car ahead, it became as agile as a snake and performed an emergency swerve to the left at an extreme angle.

    The head of the orange car overtook the Speed car before it swerved to the right once more without a pause.

    Lin Yan's car brushed dangerously close to that car as she succeeded in overtaking the other car.

    The car slowed down after it was overtaken by Lin Yan. The Speed racer stopped the car by the side of the track.

    The car door burst open before he bellowed angrily, \"F*ck! Are you trying to kill me?\"

    However, there was no sight of the orange car anymore. What was left was a whiff of strong exhaust fumes.

    Outside the track, the entire ZH1 team, including God Z, was rooted to the spot.

    Perhaps the Speed racer who had just been overtaken hadn't seen exactly how Lin Yan had overtaken him. However, the ZH1 team had witnessed the entire process.

    The words 'stunning' and 'breathtaking' weren't enough to describe how Lin Yan had overtaken the car.

    No one on the track would dare to attempt this.

    It looked as though she was playing with her life, yet every action and decision of hers was seamless and perfect. There was no chance of any mishaps happening.

    She was no longer driving... She had merged with the car!

    Based on the way the orange car had overtaken its opponent, the car was literally Lin Yan's extension. Other than the word 'perfect', no other words could describe her skills and execution.


    Soon, only a member of the Speed team was left.

    In no time, the orange car had caught up with him.

    \"What the heck!\" The last racer standing, who had no idea what had happened, suddenly saw a blurry red object streak past. Lin Yan had sped towards the finish line.

    A moment later, the orange car reached the finish line and swerved beautifully, making full use of inertia to stop completely. The last Speed racer was awestruck.

    \"What a joke... This is a joke!\" The last Speed racer sped past the finish line and stopped the car as he stared incredulously at the orange car next to him.

    The wheels of the orange car were still emitting heat...

    Even now, ZH1's members were still frozen in shock.

    \"What does this mean?\" A ZH1 member spoke up in a trembling voice as he stared at the orange car. \"We... won?\"

    \"We won! We really did... We beat Speed!\"

    \"How could this happen? Who is that woman exactly? How could she be an ordinary fan?\"

    \"That... That woman has a similar style to the mighty Lang Mang...\"

    \"Could she be related to Lang Mang? He has several apprentices, and they are all very mysterious. Could she be one of them?\"


    On the race track, Lin Yan opened the door and got out.

    She glanced at the smoking wheels of the cars and grinned. \"Quite average.\"

    \"F*ck. Sister Yan... Daddy, how did you do that? What kind of technique was that?\" Pei Yutang kicked the car door open and scurried after her.

    Upon noticing how pale Pei Yutang was, Lin Yan realized it would be useless to explain to him now. It wasn't so easy to explain anyway. If an ordinary person were to attempt this, the consequences would be disastrous.
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