177 I Shall Wait For Your Captain

    The Speed members glanced at each other wordlessly and then turned to Lin Yan. All of them were at a loss for words.

    \"Don't be too smug. This competition is not over yet.\"

    A Speed member yelled, \"Our captain, Air Commander, will be here any minute now!\"

    Lin Yan glanced at him and replied airily, \"Oh.\"

    Before the Speed member could retort, all the ZH1 members and Song Yaonan came running towards them.

    \"Isn't this Young Master Song? Why do you look like a dog in mourning? How pitiful!\" Pei Yutang scorned him.

    Song Yaonan looked mutinous as he glared at Lin Yan and Pei Yutang. \"Don't worry, Air Commander is coming soon. This competition isn't over.\"

    Air Commander...

    Lin Yan fell deep in thought. Speed's captain had competed against her apprentice, Lang Mang, once and her apprentice had defeated him completely.

    However, it was noteworthy that Air Commander's control and skills were much better than his team members'. He wasn't on the same level as them.

    The reason Speed had been able to land a spot in second-level competitions was largely due to their captain, Air Commander.

    However, Lin Yan saw no difference between competing with Air Commander and his team members. This was hardly a challenge for her.

    \"Air Commander is here?\" God Z glanced at the Speed members with a frown.

    They hadn't spotted Air Commander all this while. Hence, they had assumed that he wouldn't appear. However, a Speed member had just announced the imminent arrival of their captain.

    \"Ha ha... Why? Feeling scared?\" Song Yaonan smirked as he replied, \"Initially, I thought that I wouldn't need to trouble Air Commander, but it seems like his presence is needed after all.\"

    After hearing Song Yaonan, the ZH1 team felt jittery once again. The most formidable opponent in the Speed team was Air Commander. How would Lin Yan be able to beat him?

    \"But we have ended the race. It's not our problem if Air Commander isn't here.\" A ZH1 member spoke up.

    \"If we follow your logic, then the previous race had also ended. Why did you allow this woman to participate in the competition? The rules are fixed and we need to follow them,\" a Speed member retorted.

    \"Then let's wait for your captain,\" Lin Yan replied nonchalantly before waving her hands to end the argument. \"I'm going to take a break. Come and get me when your captain is here.\"

    Lin Yan turned on her heel and left.

    All the ZH1 members trailed closely behind Lin Yan.

    \"Hey, Sister Yan! Wait for me!\" Pei Yutang wanted to taunt Song Yaonan, but Lin Yan had suddenly left. Thus, he scuttled after her.

    Minutes later, in the waiting room, Lin Yan picked up a random magazine and began to read.

    All the ZH1 members crowded around her.

    \"Hmmm... Miss Lin...\"

    One of them put on a fawning smile as he approached her.

    Lin Yan put the magazine down and asked, \"What's the matter?\"

    \"Miss Lin, I think there might have been a misunderstanding,\" a ZH1 member said carefully.

    \"What kind of misunderstanding?\" Lin Yan glanced at him. She had no idea what they were talking about.

    \"Earlier on, I thought that you were just a fan who is fond of racing... I had no idea how good you were. Judging by your technique and skills during the race, you would have no problem getting into the third-level competition or entering the country's national team!\"
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