178 That Would Be Too Frightening

    \"Third-level international competitions? Me?\" Lin Yan looked surprised.

    To be honest, she really had no interest in the third level of international competitions.

    \"Yeah.\" God Z nodded and said, \"I watched you race the entire time. If you're interested in joining our team, we would welcome you.\"

    If this woman joined ZH1, their team would have a shot at making the top five or three in the next third-level international competition!

    \"Sister Yan, you were fantastic!\" Pei Yutang darted forward and gazed at her without blinking. \"Sister Yan, can you join my team please? You will definitely be able to raise my team to greater heights!\"

    \"Your team?\" God Z stole a quick glance at him. \"Your team can't even qualify for the national competition, yet you're asking Miss Lin to join? Wouldn't that be a waste of her talent? If Miss Lin joins ZH1, it'll be a different story. We have qualified for the third level of the international competition. If Miss Lin is willing to train with us, I'm confident that the team will be able to make the top three of the third level of the international competition.\"

    To the ZH1 team, entering the third level of the international competition could be considered a glorious achievement. If Lin Yan liked racing, she wouldn't give up on the chance to participate.

    \"You do make sense...\" Pei Yutang remarked, looking pensive.

    A fleeting smile flashed across Lin Yan's face when she heard ZH1's captain. She picked up the magazine once more.

    She had absolutely no interest in the third level of the international competition. She was getting a little bored of the first level. Besides, she was currently banned from competing.

    Of course, being banned wasn't the main problem. She wasn't interested in the third level of the international competition. It would feel as though she was a trained adult beating up a child. She really couldn't do that.

    \"Miss Lin, earlier on, you sped past the three continuous curves and overtook everyone by swerving... Was that luck... Or was it something else?\"

    A ZH1 member watched Lin Yan while speaking carefully.

    Although he might sound rude, he was also quite certain this couldn't be luck. If she had really been lucky during the first curve, what about the two next ones?

    Besides, there had been too much detail and analysis going on. If one was not careful, a fatal accident would occur. However, Lin Yan's car had moved as naturally as flowing water. This didn't seem like luck at all.

    However, the way she had tackled those winding roads had been too brilliant and amazing. If that wasn't luck... it would be really frightening.

    \"Luck... Perhaps?\" Lin Yan smiled and gave an ambiguous answer.

    \"Luck? How could it be luck? F*ck! I was sitting next to her during the entire race and I watched her with both my eyes. If that was luck, we would have died long ago!\" Pei Yutang cut across, looking emotional.

    Pei Yutang had witnessed how crazy Lin Yan was. The concentration and focus in her eyes had been remarkable. How could this be luck?

    \"Alright, let's not talk about this.\" God Z spoke up. \"Miss Lin, you might not know Air Commander, but if you do race with him, I'm afraid it will be hard for you to beat him. I've done some research regarding Air Commander before. You can take a look since there's some time left now.\"
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