179 Found an Exper

    \"I don't need it,\" answered Lin Yan.

    \"You don't?\" God Z was taken aback.

    \"Didn't you say that it's difficult to beat him? Since I can't beat him, why should I research him? It's a waste of time.\" Lin Yan smiled at him.

    \"Captain, Miss Lin is right.\" Mumu glanced at God Z.

    Before God Z could respond, he heard a loud slam. Someone had kicked the door open.

    A huge, burly man with his hands in his pockets strutted in.

    \"Not bad.\"

    The huge man's eyes scanned the entire room and landed on Lin Yan. \"I didn't think that Pei Yutang would find an expert.\"

    \"Song Ziyi?\"

    Pei Yutang furrowed his eyebrows when he saw the plump, huge man.

    That man was Song Ziyi, the older brother of Song Yaonan. He was a good-for-nothing famous for being an obnoxious bully in the capital city.

    Years ago, he had brought his men and caused trouble at a pub because he had set his eyes on a girl. He had caused grievous injuries to the other party and disappeared ever since. No one had expected him to resurface.

    \"Big Brother, slow down. Wait for me.\" Song Yaonan hastened his footsteps along with a dozen of his men.

    \"Useless.\" Song Ziyi threw a long contemptuous glance at Song Yaonan. \"You can't even handle a girl. Why do I have such a useless brother?\"

    Song Yaonan seemed a little aggrieved as he mumbled, \"It's not my fault.\"

    Song Ziyi sneered coldly and turned to Lin Yan as he stroked his chin. This girl was quite pretty and she looked rather familiar. She did resemble an actress, but she was way prettier...

    He pointed at Lin Yan. \"Lass, tonight you don't have to accompany my brother. You just need to wait upon me.\"

    \"What did you say?\" Pei Yutang flared up.

    Lin Yan grabbed Pei Yutang to stop him and smiled at Song Ziyi. \"You'll have to beat me first.\"

    \"You're really arrogant, aren't you? Do you think you're invincible? Are you feeling good because you beat those Speed racers? Are you underestimating Air Commander?\" The corners of Song Ziyi's mouth curled up.

    The Speed racers all looked rather indignant but they remained silent. Even they felt embarrassed about the fact that a woman had sent all four of them crashing out of the race track. Regardless of how furious they were, they had to swallow their anger, as they had disgraced their team, not to mention their captain.

    \"Lass, it would probably take Air Commander less than one minute to send you out of the track. You should be humbler. After all, you're no longer a child.\" Song Ziyi scoffed coldly.

    \"He's that formidable?\" Lin Yan nodded slightly. \"Alright then... Get Air Commander to come here in that case.\"

    \"Miss Lin, don't act rashly!\" God Z darted forward as he studied Lin Yan intently and whispered, \"Miss Lin, I understand how you're feeling right now, but you have to be aware of the situation.\"

    \"What is it?\" asked Lin Yan.

    \"Your opponent is Air Commander, the captain of Speed. He has competed against Race Track's Grim Reaper's apprentice, Lang Mang, at the second level before.\" God Z looked subdued and solemn.

    \"He's that impressive, huh? What happened afterward?\" Lin Yan grinned brightly.

    \"In the end... That's not important. What is important is that Air Commander was in the top eight of the second level. Initially, Speed wasn't even qualified to participate in the second level. However, the entire team's level was elevated because of Air Commander...\"
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