180 Did He Learn From Her in His Dreams?

    God Z advised Lin Yan once again in a sincere and earnest manner. \"Air Commander not only qualified for the second level, but he even made his way to the top eight. Miss Lin, do you understand the situation after everything I've said?\"

    Lin Yan wasn't stupid, so she certainly got God Z's message. She knew that he was trying to convey how formidable Air Commander was and reiterate how experienced and skilled he was.

    \"Besides, Air Commander mentioned in an interview that he knew Lang Mang's coach, the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva. He even learned from her for quite some time... He is too scary,\" Mumu added in a hushed whisper.

    \"He knew Yeva?\" Lin Yan was astounded when she heard that.

    When had she ever met Speed's captain, Air Commander? She didn't know him at all... He had even learned from her? When? In his dreams?

    \"Miss Lin, we don't have to fight with him head-on. ZH1 has lost the first race, but you helped us even the score out. According to the rules, it's a tie. We can postpone the next race indefinitely. That way, we won't have a final outcome yet and Pei Yutang and you won't have to subject yourselves to the penalty!\" God Z explained patiently.

    \"You do make a good point!\" Pei Yutang nodded several times while he chimed in.

    Both Lin Yan and he had made a bet with Song Yaonan that hinged on the result of this race. However, based on the current situation, they hadn't lost. It was a tie. They certainly wouldn't have to face the penalty.

    \"Miss Lin, if you knew that you would definitely lose the race, you would be a fool to go ahead. We just have to use the rules to our advantage and we will be safe. The rules don't state what would happen in the event of a tie. No re-match time was dictated either.\" God Z managed a weak smile.

    Actually, this was a result of Song Yaonan and Pei Yutang's recklessness.

    Both of them had been so confident that they would beat each other that they hadn't thought of the possibility of a tie and certainly hadn't added any rules in case that situation arose. Because of their ego and overconfidence, God Z had found a loophole.

    There were two reasons God Z was analyzing this. First, if Lin Yan were to race against Air Commander, there was no way she would be able to beat him. She was undoubtedly bound to lose, which would result in a loss for ZH1. Second, how could they make Lin Yan accompany Song Ziyi or Song Yaonan for a night if she really lost the race?

    As far as Pei Yutang was concerned, God Z didn't care whether he would have to crawl under Song Yaonan or disband his team. That had nothing to do with him. Even if Pei Yutang lost, it would be his own fault. He shouldn't have dragged ZH1 and Lin Yan down with him.

    \"Ha ha... Are you too scared to compete? I hope you're not a coward!\" Song Ziyi taunted, looking obnoxiously smug.

    Unruffled, God Z replied, \"It's no use trying to taunt us. As long as we want to, we can postpone this final race indefinitely. Don't dream of beating Miss Lin and ZH1. Whether she is a coward or not doesn't matter. We are an official racing team and we follow the rules.\"
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