181 Severe Humiliation

    \"Aren't you just a coward? You don't even dare to compete, yet you're talking so much.\" Song Ziyi's face fell.

    If they had to go with God Z's decision, they wouldn't have the opportunity to beat ZH1, and certainly not that woman. If they refused to have a re-match, how could they win?

    \"Ha ha! What a bunch of losers and cowards.\" Song Ziyi gave them a condescending smirk. \"Pei Yutang, you are really not a man. You've disgraced all of us.\"

    Pei Yutang pursed his lips and replied defiantly, \"So what? I just don't want to race again. I shall spite you to death!\"

    Although it didn't matter if he lost, he couldn't allow Lin Yan to come to any harm. He would also suffer no losses if the result remained a tie. It was a win-win situation for him. Besides, his opponent was the remarkable Air Commander, who was among the top eight of the second level of the international competition. He wasn't a fool. Why would he insist if he knew that he would lose?


    Song Ziyi strode towards Pei Yutang and raised a plump hand to pat Pei Yutang's cheek gently. \"You're a cunning b*stard.\"

    \"Get lost!\"

    Pei Yutang was so livid that his veins throbbed against his forehead. He wanted to hit him by instinct, but he stopped.

    He had remembered his promise to his big brother that he would never fight again. If he did, he would have to suffer the consequences.

    \"Why? Want to hit me? Try it!\" Song Ziyi gently hit Pei Yutang's cheek once again.

    Before Pei Yutang could respond, Lin Yan suddenly leaped from her seat and eyed Song Ziyi. \"I didn't say that I won't race.\"

    Song Ziyi was momentarily startled when he heard Lin Yan. He halted and his gaze swiveled to her. \"Good! That's what you said. I didn't go against the rules or force you to compete.\"

    \"Certainly,\" responded Lin Yan.

    The ZH1 members and Pei Yutang were stunned. Was Lin Yan out of her mind?

    They could make use of the rule to postpone the race indefinitely!


    God Z gazed at Lin Yan and sighed softly. Lin Yan was so reckless that she had fallen into their trap. Song Ziyi and the others could hardly wait for Lin Yan to agree.

    \"Sister Yan, are you nuts?\" Pei Yutang watched Lin Yan incredulously. \"Air Commander will be your opponent for the next race!\"

    However, it was already too late to argue now. Lin Yan had agreed, and Song Ziyi wouldn't give her the chance to retreat.

    Song Ziyi whipped out his phone and dialed a number.

    \"Hello, Air Commander. When will you be here?\"

    \"Alright. We are in the ZH1 waiting room. Come in and get ready for the race.\"

    Song Ziyi ended the call.

    A few minutes later, someone knocked on the door.

    Song Yaonan bolted to the door and opened it swiftly.

    A young man clad in the blue Speed uniform strode in slowly, holding a helmet in his hands.


    All the Speed members crowded around him when they saw the man. They all looked aggrieved, yet they acted like children who had made a mistake. No one dared to look at the man.

    Air Commander looked fresh and alert with his short, cropped hair. However, he looked slightly glum.

    \"What happened? I heard that all four of you lost to a girl.\" Air Commander studied his team members.

    This was a severe humiliation for both Air Commander and Speed.
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