182 You Knew Yeva?

    \"Captain, we are sorry... It was our oversight. If you give us another chance...\" A Speed member bit his lip.

    Although they knew how humiliated Air Commander felt, they were also ashamed of themselves.

    \"Give you another chance?\" Air Commander sneered coldly. \"On the race track, a victory is a victory, and a loss is a loss. If you lost, can you tell your opponent that you made a mistake and you want to have another race?\"

    No one retorted when they heard Air Commander's words.

    Just like Air Commander had said, a victory was a victory. When it came to racing, everyone cared only about the result. Who would care if a racer had made a mistake or underperformed?

    \"Your performance today has really disappointed me. The four of you raced against a girl, yet she won in the end. Seems like I should consider recruiting a new batch of members,\" hissed Air Commander coldly.

    All the members hung their heads in shame at the same time.

    Air Commander was right indeed. All four of them had lost to a girl. If the news got out...

    \"Alright, Air Commander. Don't blame them anymore. It's not an official race, and the other party isn't someone famous. It's understandable that they would drop their guard and underestimate their opponent's ability.\" Song Ziyi grinned.

    All the Speed members cast a grateful look at him.

    They shared the same sentiment as Song Ziyi. This was exactly how they felt.

    If they had known that the girl wasn't an ordinary person, they wouldn't have been so complacent. From the moment they'd set off, they would have done their best so that the girl wouldn't have the slightest chance of winning.

    \"Song Ziyi, rest assured. The result will remain the same. Even though my team members made a mistake, I will not lose the competition,\" Air Commander told Song Ziyi.

    \"Ha ha... I certainly believe you, Air Commander. You are a master who made the top eight of the second level. What kind of mistake could you make?\" Song Ziyi chuckled aloud.

    \"Oh yeah. Master Air Commander, you mentioned before that... you knew Master Lang Mang? When can you introduce him to me? We should invite him to the capital city. I will make sure to arrange everything. You will be pleased and satisfied,\" Song Yaonan quipped with a bright smile.

    \"Ha ha... Lang Mang is the opponent that I respect the most. Perhaps one day, if the opportunity arises, I might be able to invite the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva, along.\" The man smiled in response.

    \"Really?\" Song Yaonan was exhilarated. \"Air Commander, you said that you know Yeva... Is that true?\"

    \"Of course!\" Air Commander stole a glance at Song Yaonan. \"I remembered meeting Lang Mang's coach, Yeva, at the second level of the competition. That was the first time Lang Mang had participated in a major international competition, so his coach had come to support him. You have no idea how much Yeva praised me. She said that I had more potential than Lang Mang and wanted me to become her apprentice, but I didn't agree on the spot.\"

    \"Master Air Commander, you are so awesome!\" Song Yaonan gave him a thumbs-up as he gazed at him in admiration.

    Lin Yan was dumbfounded when she heard Air Commander boasting. He was really good at boasting, huh?

    She didn't know him at all, yet he claimed that she had said that he had more potential than Lang Mang... She had even asked him to be her apprentice? To top it off, he had shamelessly lied about declining her offer.

    \"Ha ha... Master Air Commander, let's talk about this some other time. I shall organize a dinner after you win the race,\" interjected Song Ziyi.

    The most important thing was the race at hand. They could discuss everything else at dinner.
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