184 Cant You Reconsider?

    \"Captain, I know that it's humiliating for you to compete with someone like her...\"

    One of the Speed members spoke up.

    However, before he could finish, Air Commander flew into a rage. He raised his hand and slapped him hard while everyone else was watching.

    \"Damn you! Keep your mouth shut!\" Air Commander bellowed at his team member.

    After being slapped, the man looked dumbfounded and shocked. He couldn't understand why he had been slapped by his captain.

    All the ZH1 members watched Air Commander in puzzlement.

    Was this because the Speed members had lost to Lin Yan? Was that the reason behind Air Commander's rage?

    \"Let's go to the track.\"

    Lin Yan cast the magazine aside and stood up slowly. Her eyes darted to Air Commander as she spoke to him.

    God Z and the rest of the ZH1 team were hoping that Lin Yan wouldn't have to compete with Air Commander. Alas, there was no turning back now.

    \"Air Commander, it's your turn to perform. I'm certain that it will be a one-man show. Ha ha!\" Song Ziyi glanced at Air Commander with a grin.

    Air Commander gave a shake of his head when he saw Lin Yan standing up. \"Hmmm... You just raced with my team members, so you must be tired. You need some proper rest. Let's postpone the race.\"

    Everyone, especially Song Ziyi and Song Ziyi, was startled by Air Commander's suggestion. They couldn't comprehend why Lin Yan's well-being was any of their concern or why Air Commander showed such an athletic spirit.


    Pei Yutang nodded furiously at Air Commander. \"Let's postpone it then!\"

    \"Yeah, yeah, this guy is right. We should be fair when it comes to such a competition.\" Air Commander nodded as well.

    Before Pei Yutang could continue, Lin Yan cut across. \"It's okay. Since you're here, let's end this quickly. I don't have enough time to come back here again.\"

    \"Do you want to reconsider?\" Beads of perspiration were rolling down Air Commander's forehead. What kind of joke was this? How could he compete against the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva? He would be seeking trouble for no apparent reason!

    \"Air Commander, since they refuse to appreciate your kindness, you can cast aside your generosity and fairness. Like she said, just end this quickly.\" Song Ziyi looked visibly annoyed and impatient.

    \"I heard about what happened when I got here. It was a tie, wasn't it? I have the right to postpone the re-match,\" quipped Air Commander.

    The ZH1 members and Pei Yutang studied Air Commander with bewildered expressions. What was he talking about?

    Even the Speed members couldn't understand what was on their captain's mind right now.

    Why would he postpone the race for no good reason?

    \"Sorry, they just revised the rule. Besides, the organizers, Pei Yutang, Song Ziyi, and his brother, have explicitly said that the re-match will have to take place soon.\" Lin Yan peered at Air Commander quietly.

    She was feeling a little confused as well. Had Air Commander recognized her? But she had never revealed her face in public. Why was he unwilling to race with her?

    Despite everything else, she wouldn't agree to postpone the race. She didn't have much time to spare while waiting for the next race. Since she was here, she wanted to complete it.
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