185 Then I Shall Admit Defea

    \"Alright. Then I shall admit defeat.\" Air Commander eyed Lin Yan helplessly.

    \"Admit defeat?\"

    As Air Commander spoke, everyone, especially the Speed members, widened their eyes in shock. Had their captain gone mad? How could he admit defeat?

    \"If you insist, I'm fine with it. In that case, it's a win for us.\" Lin Yan nodded in agreement.

    The re-match had to take place within the next few days, but if Speed's captain admitted defeat, it would be a different story. One could say that Lin Yan had won the race and ZH1 had won.

    \"Air Commander, what are you talking about? Admit defeat?\" Song Ziyi was so furious that his eyes blazed dangerously at Air Commander. Was he making a fool out of them?

    \"Sorry, my health hasn't been in good condition recently. I won't be able to race, so I have to admit defeat,\" Air Commander answered airily.

    If he could choose between giving up voluntarily and being crushed and humiliated by Yeva, he would choose the former.

    Actually, it would be glorious even if he lost to the famous Race Track's Grim Reaper. However, everyone had to know that he had lost to her.

    Apparently, that wasn't the case right now. Other than Air Commander himself, no one knew about the real identity of Yeva, the Race Track's Grim Reaper. Even if he were to announce it, no one would believe it as long as Yeva remained mum. Everyone in the racing industry would assume that he had lost to an ordinary racing enthusiast!

    However, if he were to admit defeat, the story would unfold differently. First, this matter wouldn't spread, but even if it did, everyone would praise him for being generous and understanding with a woman. People would assume that he had deliberately lost to avoid crushing her confidence!

    \"Air Commander... Are you kidding me?\" Song Ziyi was mutinous.

    \"Song Ziyi, I don't have time for jokes. I could never compete against an ordinary person. Besides, she is a girl! You can find someone else. Anyway, I admit defeat!\" Air Commander eyed Song Ziyi as he replied sharply.

    Without giving Song Ziyi and the others a chance to retort, he spoke to his team members. \"Get moving!\"

    Thus, Air Commander led his team away and fled swiftly.


    After they left the track, Air Commander heaved a sigh of relief. It had been such a close call!

    \"Captain, what happened just now? Why did you admit defeat?\" a Speed member blurted out. He was simply too curious to know the reason behind Air Commander's decision.

    His captain would obviously have won the re-match, there was no doubt about it. Why would he admit defeat?

    Their captain had said that he couldn't bring himself to bully this girl. However, all the Speed members knew that this wasn't true. They knew their captain too well.

    Air Commander glanced coldly at them and snapped, \"Did you all see how you lost to that girl?\"

    \"We did... That girl is a lunatic. Her luck is exceptional. That's how she managed to get past the three curves and overtake us as a result. She would have died if luck hadn't been on her side,\" one of them replied.

    \"B*ll**!\" Air Commander yelled before he pointed rudely at them.

    \"Huh?\" said one of them, looking puzzled. Was he mistaken?

    \"You fools! Do you have any idea who was the person who raced with you earlier?\" Air Commander hissed aloud.
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