186 Who Is That Woman?

    \"I know... She is a friend of Pei Yutang's... She seems to be a fan,\" answered a Speed member.

    \"A fan?\" Air Commander snorted coldly as his eyes swept past his team members. \"All four of you are grown-ups with functioning brains and well-developed limbs. All four of you were defeated by an ordinary fan who likes racing?\"

    \"Captain, I admit that we underestimated our opponent. If you give us another chance...\"

    Air Commander waved his hand to interrupt the member mid-sentence.

    \"Don't ask me for another chance. Even if I gave you ten or a thousand more chances, you would never be able to win!\" hissed Air Commander.

    All the Speed members looked at each other in dismay. Why did their captain mean by saying they would never win? Was he so doubtful of their skills?

    \"All of you have participated in second-level competitions. No matter how careless you were, you shouldn't have lost to an ordinary person. Not even the top national racers in this country could possibly do that to all of you. Let me tell you something. Even I wouldn't dare to race against that woman.\" Air Commander sighed heavily.

    \"Captain, who is that woman?\"

    \"Who is she?\" Air Commander surveyed his surroundings to make sure that there wasn't anyone else around. A trace of reverence flashed past his eyes. \"She's the Race Track's Grim Reaper... Yeva!\"


    When Air Commander finished his sentence, all four of them shuddered and gasped dramatically.

    The Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva? Lang Mang's coach, the racer who was the defending champion of the first level of the international competition? She had even gone on to compete in the top level that only first-class international racers could qualify for.

    All the members were rooted to the spot at the moment. Disbelief rippled in their eyes.

    They had just... raced with the Race Track's Grim Reaper?


    Meanwhile, in the waiting room...

    After the entire Speed team and the captain left, Song Ziyi and Song Yaonan were left alone with their men.

    Although the ZH1 members were still confused about the situation, they were clear about one thing: Speed's captain, Air Commander, had admitted defeat. Thus, ZH1 had won!

    \"It didn't occur to me that Speed's captain would be so gracious. We got lucky!\" Mumu chortled gleefully.

    The ZH1 members had presumed that Air Commander had given up because he didn't want to bully an ordinary female fan.

    God Z and the rest of the team's admiration for Air Commander swelled considerably.

    If they had been in his shoes, they wouldn't have been able to do the same thing. How could they give up on the chance of a victory that they were confident of clinching just because the opponent was a woman?

    Pei Yutang didn't care about the reason. He was merely gloating right now as he glanced at Song Yaonan and smirked. \"Song Yaonan, should I give you some time, or are you ready?\"

    Since he had won the bet, he wanted Song Yaonan to pay the price and experience all the humiliation he had suffered at his hands before!

    \"Damn you...\" Song Yaonan eyed Pei Yutang furiously before he yelled, \"You must have bribed Air Commander! How could he possibly admit defeat? You sly, scheming assh*le!\"
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