187 He Wouldnt Figh

    Pei Yutang pursed his lips and replied, \"Stop talking nonsense here. I don't even know Air Commander at all, and I certainly don't have his contact information. How could I bribe him? Do you have any proof? If you do, show it to everyone here.\"

    Song Yaonan couldn't possibly have any proof.

    \"Song Yaonan, are you a sore loser? You won't dare to fulfill the promise you made?\" Pei Yutang sneered coldly when Song Yaonan fell silent.

    \"Ha ha... Pei Yutang, how dare you play tricks on me!\" Song Ziyi was cold and fuming. The corners of his mouth twitched as he studied Pei Yutang intently.

    \"I can't do anything if you insist on that. Show us the proof if you have it. Otherwise, hurry up and crawl beneath me. Oh yeah, don't forget to disband your team!\" Pei Yutang snapped impatiently.

    \"Pei Yutang, you're asking for it.\"

    A sly smile played around the corners of Song Ziyi's mouth. He retreated and spoke to his men. \"This room is too small. Bring them all outside along with that b*tch.\"

    Song Ziyi and Song Yaonan turned around and left.

    In the span of the next few seconds, Pei Yutang and the rest of the ZH1 team members were led out to the track.

    \"Why? What are you all up to?\"

    Pei Yutang glared at Song Ziyi and Song Yaonan.

    \"I'm not sure. It has nothing to do with me. You have to ask my brother,\" replied Song Yaonan.

    \"Ha ha... Song Ziyi, what are you trying to do? Are you getting panicky? Are you too afraid to lose?\" Pei Yutang taunted Song Ziyi once again.

    Song Ziyi strutted over to Pei Yutang. Before Pei Yutang could react, he raised a hand. A moment later, a loud, resounding slap landed on Pei Yutang's face.

    \"What the f*ck!\"

    Pei Yutang, who had been slapped out of the blue, flew into a rage. He immediately got ready to retaliate.

    However, his big brother's face appeared in his mind instantly. His fist hovered in mid-air and didn't land.

    He had promised his big brother that he wouldn't fight...

    Song Ziyi's men seized this opportunity to grab Pei Yutang.

    \"Pei Yutang, you little b*stard. Didn't you ask around about me? How dare you try to play dirty with me?\" Song Ziyi patted Pei Yutang's cheek before grabbing his hair. \"B*stard, I had already warned you that, no matter what happened today, regardless of whether you won or lost, the result would be the same.\"

    \"Song Ziyi... Damn you. You just wait!\" Pei Yutang glared angrily at Song Ziyi as he yelled.


    Song Ziyi gave Pei Yutang another slap as he smirked. \"Look at your pathetic state right now. Try saying another word.\"

    \"Song Ziyi, f*ck you!\" Pei Yutang spat at Song Ziyi.

    \"B*stard! You must have a death wish!\" Song Ziyi, who was enraged, slapped Pei Yutang a few more times. Then, he aimed a kick at his tummy.

    \"That's enough! You went overboard! If you continue, we are calling the cops!\"

    Mumu couldn't help but yell out.
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