188 Is That Woman a Monster?

    Song Ziyi glanced at God Z and Mumu and sneered. \"This has nothing to do with you. Mind your own business, or I will beat all of you up!\"

    His men then stood in front of the ZH1 team members.

    Song Ziyi's eyes darted to Lin Yan, who stood a short distance away. \"Look at how cowardly and useless this man is. Lass, be with me instead. If you make me comfortable, you will definitely stand to earn benefits.\"

    Lin Yan's eyes gleamed coldly.

    She inhaled deeply to calm herself down. She had promised herself to never fight again... She didn't want to have anything to do with those horrible memories of her old self.

    \"Why? Are you unwilling?\" Song Ziyi noticed that Lin Yan was quiet and sneered aloud. \"Then I shall beat him up until you beg me on your knees.\"

    The moment Song Ziyi finished speaking, he shot a meaningful glance at his men.

    At his signal, the group of young men surrounded Pei Yutang and began to wallop him.

    \"Song Ziyi... Just you wait. I'm going to kill you one day!\" Pei Yutang yelled non-stop as he cursed and swore.

    \"Get away from him!\" Song Ziyi, who was mutinous, darted forward. He grabbed a fistful of Pei Yutang's hair and slapped him hard repeatedly.

    The corners of Pei Yutang's mouth were bleeding.



    Suddenly, Lin Yan appeared beside Pei Yutang as she grabbed Song Ziyi's hand.

    \"Oh, what's the matter? B*tch, did you change your mind?\" Song Ziyi eyed Lin Yan with a smirk.

    Lin Yan ignored Song Ziyi's words and moved her right arm a little. Her eyes were cold and aloof right now.

    \"What are you doing?\" Song Ziyi narrowed his eyes.

    At his words, Lin Yan moved her arm.

    Before anyone knew what had happened, Lin Yan's hand had landed on Song Ziyi's plump cheek with a forceful slap.

    Lin Yan's slap carried immense force and made Song Ziyi stumble backward clumsily before he fell hard on the ground.

    \"Big Brother!\"

    Song Yaonan was stunned by the woman's strength. Her slap could make his brother fall?

    He immediately rushed forward to support Song Ziyi.

    Song Ziyi's mouth and nose were bleeding, and his face was smeared with blood.

    \"Big Brother! Big Brother, wake up!\" Song Yaonan shouted hastily.

    Song Ziyi had lost consciousness after Lin Yan's slap.

    When Song Yaonan shook him furiously, Song Ziyi finally regained consciousness. He felt excruciating pain in his body, especially around his face.


    Pei Yutang, who had been shouting, stopped in surprise.

    He had been slapped dozens of times, yet he wasn't in such a bad state compared to Song Ziyi.

    Lin Yan's slap had left Song Ziyi unconscious for several seconds... Plus, he was bleeding.

    Was that woman a monster?

    \"You! B*tch... How dare... you hit me!\" Song Ziyi pointed at Lin Yan. \"Beat her!\"

    The man nearest to Lin Yan instantly raised his fist to aim a punch at her.

    No one could see clearly what Lin Yan did. However, sending those men flying away from her seemed effortless.
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