189 Where Are My Engines?

    The rest of the men whipped out weapons, including baseball bats.

    \"Wallop her!\" Song Yaonan shrieked as he supported Song Ziyi.

    A second later, the group of men charged towards Lin Yan with all kinds of weapons.

    Lin Yan's eyes gleamed with a hint of malice.

    Suddenly, there was a loud crash.

    The men holding the weapons were completely shocked as they watched Lin Yan as though she was a monster.

    What had they just seen?

    Were their eyes playing tricks on them?

    Lin Yan had raised a fist and punched the wall behind her.

    The wall had cracked and come crashing down moments later. The part Lin Yan had struck had been reduced to pieces.


    Lin Yan scanned the group of men as she commanded them coldly.

    They stole fearful glances at each other and unconsciously retreated, looking as though they had just seen a ghost.

    \"This... This woman... She is a monster!\" a young man shouted in a quivering voice. She had shattered a wall with a punch. If her fist had been directed at him, would he have shattered to pieces as well?

    His organs would have been reduced to fragments!

    The ZH1 members and Pei Yutang studied Lin Yan in shock. They were just as overwhelmed as Song Yaonan and the rest. What incredible strength she had!

    Lin Yan's expression was indifferent as she marched towards Song Ziyi and Song Yaonan.

    \"You... What do you want? I'm warning... you... Don't come near me!\"

    Song Ziyi and Song Yaonan were as pale as a sheet as Lin Yan approached them. Would this woman punch them to death?

    \"Quick! Hurry up and hit her!\" Song Ziyi beckoned at his men as he yelled.

    No one stepped forward this time to obey his command.

    They would be thankful if this woman spared their lives!

    When he saw his men remain motionless, Song Ziyi cried out, \"Call the police! Yes, call the police!\"

    Lin Yan stepped forward once again as Song Ziyi spoke.

    \"You... I am warning...\"

    Song Ziyi pointed at Lin Yan as he spluttered. Lin Yan ignored him and simply slapped him.

    The slap echoed loudly before Song Ziyi received another slap from Lin Yan. His body shook due to the force before he fell to the floor and fainted.

    Lin Yan's eyes then landed on Song Yaonan, who was trembling badly.

    \"I... I am telling you... You don't have... Don't...\" Fear filled Song Yaonan's eyes as he stammered incoherently.

    Lin Yan didn't beat around the bush. She just seized Song Yaonan's collar.

    Song Yaonan was lifted by Lin Yan as his legs dangled in mid-air. Song Yaonan screamed in terror.

    \"Song Yaonan...\" Lin Yan glared at Song Yaonan. \"Where are my engines?\"

    \"Engines... What engines...\" Song Yaonan, who was currently in shock, couldn't comprehend Lin Yan's words.

    \"Our bet! I won the engines,\" Lin Yan hissed.

    \"Oh yeah... Yes... Yes, I remember. The engines... Two engines. I will give you two!\" Song Yaonan blurted out.

    \"Four!\" Lin Yan's expression hardened. \"You hit Pei Yutang and you need to compensate us for the psychological harm you inflicted! Four engines!\"

    \"Alright, alright... Four then. I will give you four!\" Song Yaonan answered hastily.
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