190 After All, I Am a Frail And Delicate Girl

    At the police station...

    Pei Yutang and the ZH1 team members stood in a row while Song Yaonan and his men stood quietly in another row, looking docile and subdued.

    The only person who stood out among the row of men was the young girl standing beside Pei Yutang.

    The girl was wearing a cap and a completely black outfit. She was carrying a cloth bag, and her face was clean. There weren't any smudges on her skin, and she looked neat and immaculate. The only wound on her was a bruise on her hand.

    A middle-aged police officer holding a notebook walked to the row of men as he quietly surveyed each one of them.

    Only Pei Yutang was injured on his side. The rest of them looked fine. As for Song Yaonan's team, almost every member was wounded.

    Meanwhile, Song Ziyi had been sent to the hospital...

    At first glance, it appeared as though Song Yaonan's men had been beaten up by Pei Yutang's men.

    The policeman walked past them as he analyzed the situation. His expression faltered when he saw Lin Yan.

    Evidently, this girl was an innocent party who had tried to stop the men from fighting.

    The policeman stared at her and said gently, \"Young girl, step forward.\"

    Lin Yan blinked and obediently muttered, \"Okay...\"

    The policeman watched the girl, his eyes sweeping over the wound on her hand before he said in a solemn tone, \"Did you call the police? As a girl, you have to stay away when you spot any fights. Don't go near. What would happen if you hurt yourself?\"

    He had just finished his sentence, when Song Yaonan and his men turned their heads quickly, looking bewildered.

    Hold on! Something was wrong!

    Even Pei Yutang and the ZH1 team members looked startled.

    Lin Yan put on a respectful expression and replied sincerely as she nodded, \"Thank you, sir! You're right! Without a doubt, you're society's guardian and the nation's public servant. On behalf of the citizens, I want to say thank you! After all, I'm a frail, delicate girl. When I see anything dangerous in the future, I will definitely run away and hide to call the police!\"

    Song Yaonan and his men were speechless...

    Pei Yutang and his men were speechless...

    Song Yaonan's men, who had been badly beaten up by Lin Yan, were all stumped by her shameless attitude.

    Pei Yutang stole a furtive glance at Lin Yan and swallowed his saliva. His expression was kind of indescribable.

    The policeman's expression softened again when he heard the girl's fawning words. He pointed to his colleagues and said, \"It's good that you remember. Girls must learn to protect themselves. Alright, little girl, follow my colleague to get your statement recorded. Then you can head home.\"

    What the...

    What was going on?

    He was letting her go?

    Song Yaonan and his men finally broke their silence as they erupted into protests.

    Song Yaonan lifted his arm gingerly as he pointed at Lin Yan. Furious, he bellowed, \"Police officer! Did you get this wrong? How could you release her? She was the one who beat us up! You can release anyone but her!\"

    \"Exactly! That woman beat us! My leg was almost broken!\"

    \"Police officer, my arm was almost shattered to pieces!\"
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