191 Clear Your Name

    \"Police officer! We were the ones who called the police! It was us! We called the police because we wanted you to arrest this thug! How could you release her?\"


    The policeman lectured them sternly for creating a ruckus. \"Be quiet! Why are you yelling? What kind of place do you think this is?\"

    He shot a disdainful look at the young man who had a dislocated arm and chided him aloud. \"Look at all of you! You are tall and strong. How dare you lie and say that a little girl beat all of you up. Don't you feel ashamed?\"

    Song Yaonan and his men felt really aggrieved and humiliated by the policeman's lecture.

    They were a group of men that had been beaten up by a girl. How could they hold their heads high and admit that?

    Did he think that they were willing to confess?

    \"Officer, we are telling the truth! You can check if you don't believe us!\"

    \"She really hit us!\"

    \"Yeah! Why don't you believe us?\"

    Upon seeing how aggrieved and devastated Song Yaonan and his men were, even Pei Yutang felt a twinge of sympathy.

    Police officer, they are actually telling the truth...

    The policeman studied the group of men who were protesting and shot them a long contemptuous look. \"So you mean that this girl was embroiled in the fight as well? Did she beat all of you up along with the rest of them?\"

    As he spoke, he pointed at Pei Yutang and the others.

    Song Yaonan shook his head furiously as he told the truth. \"No! This woman beat us up all by herself!\"

    The policeman was speechless...

    Even his colleagues couldn't believe their ears.

    A female police officer cut across sternly. \"Do your accusations sound logical? She is a girl. How could she beat all of you up? Tell me, what kind of weapon did she use?\"

    Song Yaonan muttered weakly, \"Nothing... She didn't use any weapons...\"

    The policeman was half-amused, half-exasperated as he surveyed their wounds. \"Tell me, how did she cause all these injuries with her bare hands? Use some common sense when you speak!\"

    Lin Yan nodded fervently beside the policeman. \"Yeah, yeah, that's true. You're right, sir...\"

    Pei Yutang and the others stole glances at each other as they clammed up.

    To be honest, even though they had witnessed everything, they could hardly believe what had happened as they listened to the policeman questioning Song Yaonan.

    Song Yaonan and his men, who were berated once more, cried out desperately, \"How could we know how this tyrant managed to do that?\"

    \"Police officer, we are really not lying!\"

    \"Yeah! Believe us! This woman is a monster!\"


    The policeman looked displeased and annoyed. \"We have already checked. There was no surveillance camera at that corner.\"

    \"No surveillance camera... How could it be?\"

    Song Yaonan recalled quietly to himself. Earlier on, they had purposely found a corner to avoid being caught by surveillance cameras. It had never occurred to him that this plan would backfire.

    After the policeman had said his piece, he glanced at Lin Yan and reassured her. \"Lass, don't worry. We won't listen to their accusations. We will check and clear your name!\"
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