195 Her Idol Addressed Her As Sister-In-Law

    Song Yaonan and the others were dumbfounded...

    Mister! Are you out of your mind?

    She merely scratched herself! How could this be considered a wound?

    Look at us!

    Please, just look at us!

    Before you speak, can you look at our injuries first?

    This time, even Pei Yutang and the ZH1 team were on Song Yaonan's side.

    Pei Yutang bit his lip, looking pitiful in a corner.

    Big Brother... Can you just take a look at your younger brother, who got badly beaten up?

    Whenever he hit someone, his Big Brother would abandon him and send him away immediately. When his big sister-in-law did the same thing, he showered her with love and concern and was worried about her wounds.

    Big Brother was seriously biased. This made him tear up with outrage...

    Pei Yucheng glanced at his assistant, Cheng Mo. Cheng Mo nodded promptly and replied, "Boss, I'll go buy some medicine."

    He marched out swiftly and headed for the pharmacy.

    Pei Yutang watched Cheng Mo in silence as he thought to himself, Can you get me some medicine too?


    Pei Yucheng's lawyer settled all the necessary paperwork and got Lin Yan and Pei Yutang released along with the others.

    Pei Yutang swiftly climbed into the front passenger seat. Cheng Mo came back with the medicine and passed it to Pei Yucheng before opening the door.

    Lin Yan could only follow Pei Yucheng and sit in the backseat.

    The moment they got in, she discovered that another person was sitting inside!

    "Pei... Mr. Pei..." Lin Yan fumbled nervously.

    Pei Nanxu was surprised when he saw Lin Yan. "Miss Lin? You were with Yutang?" asked Pei Nanxu.

    Lin Yan coughed softly. "I went to watch Third Young Master's competition today..."

    Pei Nanxu replied, "Sorry, he is naturally a little impetuous. Did you get implicated by him?"

    Pei Yutang cried out, "Second Brother! You're wrong! I wasn't the one who had a fight. It wasn't me!"

    Pei Nanxu studied the injuries on Pei Yutang's face. "It wasn't you?"

    Pei Yutang stroked his bruised eyes unconsciously. "I was beaten up, but I didn't retaliate at all. Big Sister-In-Law charged forward on my behalf and pummeled all of them. Even the police didn't believe her words..."

    Pei Yutang recounted the incident excitedly.

    Pei Nanxu was speechless...

    He hadn't expected this to happen.

    Lin Yan threw a murderous glare at Pei Yutang. F*ck! How could he tarnish her reputation when her idol was present?

    It was a pity she couldn't do anything, despite how livid she was, as Pei Yucheng was beside her.

    Pei Nanxu chuckled softly and replied, "I didn't expect Big Sister-In-Law to be so skillful."

    Lin Yan was speechless!

    Her idol... had addressed her as big sister-in-law!

    Her heart was in turmoil because of the surging emotions she felt when she heard Pei Nanxu.

    She hadn't expected that one day, she would have such an intimate relationship with her beloved idol.

    Other fans were wishing and praying that their idols would become their husbands...

    Hers was a different story. Her idol had become her... brother-in-law...

    Lin Yan waved her hands shyly as she mumbled, "No... No... I'm merely a little stronger than other people..."

    As the car traveled smoothly on the road, no one initiated a conversation. The silence made her feel as though she was sitting on pins and needles.

    Just like last time, Lin Yan was sitting one seat apart as she leaned against the window.

    Her ears twitched while she heard soft sounds.

    She stole a furtive glance and saw Pei Yucheng using his long fingers to unroll the gauze. Then, the man's eyes landed on her and watched her intently.

    "Give me your hand."
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