203 This Is to Thank You

    This was an undeniably serious situation. She had been caught cheating on him!

    Ever since her second consciousness had appeared, her life seemed to have ventured into a series of problems...

    Lin Yan didn't dare meet Pei Yucheng's eyes, as she knew that he wouldn't be able to comprehend her love for her idol. Besides, she had declared how much she loved him and that there wasn't any space for anyone else. Nevertheless, she had hidden a photo of a man who also happened to be his brother. Lin Yan felt like she was scum...

    She felt so aggrieved!

    Unfortunately, she had no choice! That silly persona of hers had gotten her entangled in the affairs of the heart.

    Lin Yan hurriedly bent her back and rolled the poster up. With a straight face, she explained, "It's all because of Third Young Master. He forced me to keep the poster, but I said no. In the end, I kept it after some contemplation. Since I'm his sister-in-law, I have to support him. That's what I'm supposed to do..."

    Lin Yan felt her waist being gripped mid-sentence. Before she knew it, she was pulled into a warm and tight embrace. Shocked, she relinquished her grip on the poster.

    Although Pei Yucheng was as gentle as ever and even somewhat cautious, Lin Yan felt ruthlessness and fear seeping into her soul...

    It was as though a huge net had gently enveloped her. Initially, there wasn't any threat, so she enjoyed the feeling... However, gradually, that net began to tighten...

    Why was this happening?

    He was such a gentle and well-mannered man. Why would she be suddenly seized by such immense fear?

    Suddenly, Lin Yan's head was split apart by a sharp, throbbing pain...

    Pei Yucheng didn't embrace her for too long.

    The fear and the pain in her head vanished instantly, as though everything had been just an illusion.

    Lin Yan snapped back to her senses. "Why..."

    Pei Yucheng bent his back and rolled up her poster for her. He then placed it inside her bag and passed it to her before studying the dumbfounded girl and caressing her lips. Then, he said in a deep and hoarse voice, "It's a way to thank you."

    Lin Yan blushed furiously at once.

    To thank her for her support for Pei Nanxu?

    Why wouldn't this man play by the rules?

    What could Lin Yan do?

    She smiled and mumbled, "You're welcome, this is what I should do."

    Nevertheless, she had overcome this crisis.

    As Pei Yucheng led Lin Yan to the door, he sensed that the girl was still nervous. To show that he was considerate, he decided to get his chauffeur to take her home instead.

    Lin Yan waved goodbye. "Then I'm leaving. Goodnight, Mr. Pei."

    Pei Yucheng replied, "Goodnight."

    Lin Yan sat in the car as it vanished slowly into the darkness.

    Pei Yucheng lit a cigarette as he watched the car until it was out of sight. He stood there while the night breeze blew.

    After smoking a cigarette, Pei Yucheng turned around and went back inside the mansion.
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