204 Billowing Emotions

    In the study...

    The man was holding a cup of coffee as he was sitting in front of his desk. He was wearing a crisp white shirt and a pair of spectacles that made him look gentle and refined.

    He was impassive as he sat there quietly. There was a pile of untouched documents in front of him, and his coffee had turned cold.

    The light coming from the laptop screen was reflected in the man's gorgeous features. The eyes behind the lens were as deep and mysterious as the ocean.

    Upon a closer look, the man was gazing out of the window, where the car Lin Yan was in had sped off.

    The girl had looked immensely relieved when she had been informed that his chauffeur would take her home instead. That little figure had looked eager to flee this place, as though she was a tiny creature escaping from a dangerous cave...

    Perhaps she didn't realize that her emotions could be easily read on her face.

    Pei Yucheng's eyes, which had originally been impassive, suddenly billowed with emotions. As he held the cup of coffee, he tapped his desk with his other hand rhythmically.

    While the night grew darker, hardly any sound was heard in the house. It seemed as if the house was deserted. Only the clock's soft ticking sound could be heard as it accompanied the rhythmic tapping of the man's fingers...

    The trees swayed to and fro outside as the wind blew...

    Suddenly, a frightening smashing sound echoed around the study abruptly.

    Pei Yucheng's cup of cold coffee, which he had been holding, was reduced to pieces and ash all of a sudden...

    The pieces along with the coffee flowed down the man's long fingers and dripped onto his custom-made suit.

    Pei Yucheng glanced at his hand, which had just crushed the cup to bits. A trace of bone-chilling hatred flashed past his eyes as he watched his hand, which was perfectly fine.

    Soon, the man regained his composure as though nothing had happened.

    He stopped tapping on the desk and flicked the ashes off his suit. Then, he rose and walked in the direction of the door.

    Just as the man was about to leave...

    A deafening cracking sound was heard behind him. The desk had split in the middle and everything on it had come crashing down...

    There was a complete mess on the floor...

    Pei Yucheng's assistant, Cheng Mo, who had been near the entrance of the study, strode in swiftly.

    When Cheng Mo heard this thunderous sound, he froze in shock.

    He studied the mess and the split desk in the study in astonishment. His shock soon vanished and was replaced by his usual deadpan expression, although traces of fear flickered in his eyes.

    Cheng Mo didn't dare dawdle. He immediately reported to Pei Yucheng. "President Pei, the board of directors is making a ruckus again. All of them are waiting in the company conference room right now. They want you to make a trip..."

    Pei Yucheng fixed and smoothed down the creases of his suit as he strode towards the bathroom. "Get the car," he instructed with a deadpan expression.

    "Yes." Cheng Mo nodded promptly.

    Before Cheng Mo left, he couldn't help but sneak another glance at the mess on the floor. He furrowed his eyebrows before he turned around.
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